Blogger Bullying?

31 March 2010

( I don't really understand the picture caption above, but I do say that Anonymous was cruel!)

I'm a victim! (oh my gosh)

Recently on my writing blog, Dreamer, an anonymous person, whom I named Anonymous, has been 'bullying' me.
I called it 'criticism' but looking back now, I think it's cyber bullying, and this is important to everyone! Please don't stop reading, it's not a rant on Cyber Bullying, it's a 'victim's account.

The comments I received from Anonymous were cold, mean, crude, and had terribly bad language. I deleted the comments because of the offensive language it had, it just puts me down to read them.
Later I thought, and I being bullied? The comments were just plain mean, not constructive criticism. I was so incredibly hurt that I just felt depressed for the day, repeating the comment in my head. The first one was
"Don't waste a good notebook with your writing"
the something like,
"OH MY GOD, ****** blah blah ***** ****"
then something else that I forgot...but it hurt.

Here's what's left now:

Anonymous said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

It was an insult, but not as bad as the ones that followed. It made me think about the teen deaths that have been occurring around. It was about teens committing suicide because of mean people, bullies and all. Right now on T.V., a girl named Meghan Meyer (Missouri) had been cyber bullied. The mom found her hanging in her closet, but she survived. She went to the hospital and died 3 days later, 3 weeks short of her 14th birthday. A mom disguised as a cute boy, Josh Evans, had bullied her even though they were in a relationship.

I thought, "I will never commit suicide, never ever" I mean, why would I die just because some mean person hurt me??

So if you see someone being cyber bullied around the blog world, like me, support to victim, because it helps a lot! Leave nice, great comments. I felt much better after my awesome followers commented, really :D Here are some nice comments I recieved:

Milli said...

That was just plain mean. I personally, love your writing

Shweta said...
Can people be really that mean? I am sure that was some jealous person who envies your talent.
Don't worry Kirthi , keep writing and stop caring about such stray comments. They are not worth the time ..

Single Winged Butterfly said...

I fully understand. That happened to me once then two people backed me up. STUPID ANONYMOUS PE0PLE! WITH THEIR STUPID THOUGHTS. People are backing you up right now. And you don't need to listen to people that have a different structure of mind. Keep on writing.

Rose Cunningham said... Awesome post! How can you improve your writing? It's already fabulous! People should be showering you with praise for your writing. See, the 10 year-old even looks up to you for guidance with blogging and writing!
I'm incredibly happy, and I have an awesome life filled with appreciative/loving parents, great friends, and lovely blogger-friends like you!

Question to all:
  1. Is there any way I can report Anonymous next time he/she comments?
  2. Is there any way I can totally block he/she from ever visiting my blogs?
  3. How do I stop he/she from commenting/contacting me?

22 thoughts:

  1. Hey Kirthi,

    I can't believe anyone would write anything mean like that in your comments. You are an AWESOME blogger and you are also very nice.

    Don't they know - If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

    I am sorry that happened to you.

  2. I don't know why my comment came up as Anonymous. This is Melina from Reading Vacation.

  3. hey kirthi, thats TERRIBLE!!! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!! and you are a great writer, never stop because of some idiot!

  4. kirthi, you are a blogging genius. dont listen to peoples crap!

  5. You really shouldn't listen to anyone hiding behind an anonymous comment. If it continues you should just block any anonymous users from commenting on your blog.

  6. Wow, how can people be so heartless? Don't listen to them because you're clearly a great writter and a great blogger. I know it's hard to forget those hurtful comments, but try!

    I'm not sure how to prevent them from commenting, but you can always approve the comments before they're shown. It's a pain, but if "Anonymous" is going to keep saying stupid things then it's the only option I can see!

    from Une Parole

  7. That's so terrible; I'm so sorry that happened to you, Kirthi!!

    Obviously that person is completely insecure; if someone leaves rude comments and doesn't have the guts to post their name beside them, then they're just doing it to put people down. Don't listen to him, Kirthi! You rock!!

    If you go under the settings tab on your dashboard and hit comments, there's an option that only allows registered users to post comments. It doesn't include anonymous users, so hopefully it'll take care of this!


  8. That's awesome that you are not taking anonymous's comments to heart because they are WAY WRONG!!! You are amazing Kirthi, don't ever forget that! Anonymous should really send an apology. And any journal would be priviledged to house your writings. Oh, and something to make you laugh: my word verification for a comment I posted was mooeydow! =)

  9. That's horrible! I totally agree with Cate - Anonymous is just an insecure coward who has nothing better to do than go around bashing other people's writing. I personally really enjoy your blogs and your writing; it's good that you're not giving up just because of criticism.

    As for blocking or reporting Anonymous, I don't think you can do that... the only thing I can think of is deleting all their comments. :(

  10. I just read the end of Cate's comment and yes, there is a setting to not let anonymous people comment. But they might still be able to comment under the Name/URL option with a fake url...

  11. I agree with you!! My best friend did this to me, and I was depressed for about a month. I basically stopped going to school because I couldn't face reality. But looking back now, my life is better because I'd never needed her.

  12. personally i take stuff like that and work with it, and also because i enjoy a fight every once in a while (yes, i know im sick)

    BUT no one has to take that if they dont want i would suggest blocking anonymous comments altogether. its in settings, comments

    don't worry darl, there will always be people around to put you down, you just need to kep going, because one persons opinion isnt worth anything compared to what you love doing...

    and mentioned that you wanted to publish your poetry...i would suggest that you not put the poems you want to publish up on your blog, because technically that is 'publishing' in itself, and publishers wont accept work once its already been made available to the public.

    good luck!

  13. The article is much longer....and I would hate to bore all of the McCain/Palin supporters. However, for the Obama/Biden supporters it provides some very good ammunition. Check it out!!

  14. That is horrible. I hate people like that, if they don't like your blog why don't they just leave?

    If on your blog settings you go to comments, you can choose who is allowed to comment. To stop anonymous commenters just don't pick anyone. Other than that I don't think there's much you can do other than deleting the comments.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. You can block Anonymous comments (which I might recommend at this point until it blows over). There is also a setting that you can moderate comments and will therefore only appear after you approve them. You might have to read it once, yes, but a quick click of a button and it's gone forever.

  17. I'm so sorry someone just had to do that to you. You have a really nice blog, some jerk just wanted to make himself important because he's not. Which is really just a waste of comments coming from the guy when he should be giving constructive critisism! :(

  18. People do things like that because they're bored and want to start fights, not because they care about writing. Anonymous is probably just some bored kid who doesn't have a life, so keep that in mind if he/she ever comments on your stuff again.

  19. Hi Kirthi, Don't let the blogger bulling get you down. THese people or ignorant and jealous of what you have accomplished. They can bully you and you don't know who they are. Just continue to be yourself.

    I don't know if going to the police and reporting this will help but they may be able to locate the bully through the ip address ? and let them know they are being watched. I would call them to see if they can give you pointers on what to do.
    This has become a very big problem for so many people especially teens. Don't let this get to you. Just think these people are really sick and hope they can get help.

    Wishing you the best in your blogging..

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  20. Cyber bullying is such a big issue and there's so many ways for the bully to get around the blocks. The most you can do is just ignore them and disable anonymous comments.

  21. You know I think someone is making this on purpose. I've seen several bloggers with the same issue. Someone is writing stuff just to bother.

    I say you should ignore them, and erase their comments if are mean.

    Kirthi, you are an awesome blogger so don't mind jealous people. I love your blog, so please continue as if nothing has happened :D


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