Author Appreciation Week Day 6 and 7

21 March 2010

None of the (debut and multi-book) authors who I contacted have replied, so I'll go on with Day 6 and 7 and then post the interviews later!
Day 6
I'd like the appreciate all the multi-book authors who continued to write more after the success of their first books. After all the fun and excitement, they sit themselves down and start the long task of writing another book. Go multi-book authors!
I hope to be a mutli-book author some day :D

Day 7
I'd like to appreciate the most important of them all, DEBUT AUTHORS! Without these awesome authors, there would be no books. Every author was once a debut author, who wrote their first published pieces. So thank you, debut authors, for being brave enough to turn in your writing, and publish it! It takes a lot of time and effort on your part, and your hard work becomes my pleasure. "

The more harder it is to write, the more enjoyable the writing will be"
Let's give it up for Debut Authors!!!

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