Author Appreciation Week Day 5

19 March 2010

My most favorite author in the entire world, J.K. Rowling!!! Give up it up for J.K!! (applause)
She's my idol! Her Harry Potter books have amazed me to the point where I get speechless. How is it that she remembers one tiny detail from one book, and then brings it up say...3 books later? Example:

Book 3: "KNOCK HER OFF HER BROOM" from Cedric during a Quidditch match.
Book 5: "And he told you to knock me off my broom" from Cho to Harry

How is it that she can do that? And her humor, she has that wonderful British humor that I love. She tends to portray most of it through the Weasleys, of whom I love too. J.K's memory is amazing and her writing is just as great!

I know you all appreciate J.K. too, I've seen some "Author Appreciation Week" posts on her! I'll have a poll up soon, or you can comment and tell me what you like best about J.K. Rowling!

note: this picture of J.K. Rowling reminds me of my orchestra teacher, Ms. Stevens!

3 thoughts:

  1. JK Rowling is definitely my favorite author ever. And you're right about the details! I think rereading the HP series is more enjoyable because of that. Each time I read them, I learn something new. :)

  2. Definitly my favourite too! Ah...the weaslys..:]

  3. I love me some JK Rowling. Only two more movies and then it's all over. *sigh*


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