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27 February 2010

I've deleted my old blog roll, which had a total of 93 blogs, and I'm starting a new one. I deleted the old one due to technical difficulties (stupid Blogger wouldn't let me move it to where I wanted to) and because most of the blogs weren't very active, and I started to wonder if I really needed them on there. Here are the blogs that I have on so far:

If you want me to add your blog link then please e-mail me!

Chances are that I already have your blog button on my blog button scroll widget, but if I don't (please check) then shoot me an e-mail at raokiki6(at)gmail(dot)com. By the end of next week, I'll post my new blog roll.

6 thoughts:

  1. I wouldn't mind if you added mine. ;)

  2. hi Kirthi..
    I gave you a mention on my blog today.....

  3. You are on my blog roll, so I'd love to be on yours! :)

  4. Hey, thanks for adding me on your blog roll! :)

  5. You're on our blogroll and we'd love to be on yours!

  6. Hi there,

    I'm not sure where exactly to find your blogroll-- however, if it's under the the header Great Blogs, I don't believe my blog is on there.


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