Reviews: Shadowland and The Glimmer Palace

16 January 2010

Title: Shadowland
Author: Alyson Noel
Stars: 3
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Goodreads
Pages: 368

At the start of this breathtaking novel, Damen and Ever travel to Summerland in search of an antidote to reverse a powerful poison. But instead of the cure they seek, they find something far more sinister: the truth about their existence and the fate lying in wait of an immortal’s soul. Now, with Damen fighting to save them from the Shadowland, Ever turns to magick, hoping to break Damen’s curse. Along the way Ever encounters the mysterious Jude, finding herself drawn to him in a way that will test her love for Damen like never before . . .

My thoughts:
I wasn't sure about reading this after the disappointment that is Blue Moon. Alyson Noel can write good, but her plot, characters, and especially the storyline are all weak. The events felt all out of order and it was kind of confusing. What I did like about this was the shocking revelations, they changed my thoughts on Damen forever. I was hoping that this would be a conclusion to the Immortal series: I didn't think I could stand not knowing how things would turns out. The ending was wonderfully satisfying and made me want to read the next book, Dark Flame, coming out in the summer of 2010.
I liked how Ever became more dynamic and mature than in the previous two books. Damen and Ever have more responsibility and trouble to worry about, and that makes Shadowland worth reading.
I also liked how I got to learn more about the mysterious Immortals and more on Damen's veiled past.
Overall this was an "okay" book and if you've read Evermore and (the ugh!) blue Moon, then I guess you "have" to read this!
Title: The Glimmer Palace
Author: Beatrice Colin
Stars: 1.5
Review by Kirthi
Summary from Goodreads
Pages: 416

Big, rich, intelligent, and masterfully written, here is a page-turning story of glitter and splendor, drama and love, friendship and identity, and an illuminating account of a period of history that foreshadowed much of the twentieth century. As the clock chimes the turn of the twentieth century, Lilly Nelly Aphrodite takes her first breath. The illegitimate, orphaned daughter of a cabaret performer, she finds early refuge at a Berlin Catholic orphanage. From there follows a lifetime of reinventions, from orphan to maid, war bride, tingle-tangle nightclub girl, and script typist. Her eventual transformation into one of Germany’s leading silent-film stars, and a partner in a remarkable romance that crosses decades and continents, could ultimately cost her everything she has worked for. Gripping and seductive like few other literary novels, The Glimmer Palace showcases the glamour, spectacle, and theatrical energy of the brief heyday of the Weimar Republic, while at the same time telling the story of that other great twentieth-century illusion—cinema.

My thoughts:
This is my first World War ll book and I hated it! The summary from Goodreads (above) is a lie. I guess it's because I'm 13 and this book was directed to a higher age group, but I'm still impelled to review this book.
The Glimmer Palace was a total book train wreck! Every bit was pandemonium and blurriness. The beginning was odd and off, and the events all seemed to have no relation to each other, they were all drastically out of sync with each other. I was in a clouded smoggy dust ball while reading this. Lilly was an obscure character and thinking about it know, so was every other character!
Beatrice Colin is good with words, but bad with everything else, especially with making no sense in her writing.
The romance was a disaster! SPOLIER: How come Lilly switches between so many men??

  • physically romantic scenes
  • real pictures
  • confusion
  • part lesbian (I have nothing against lesbians, there IS a lesbian in this book)

7 thoughts:

  1. I'm so sad The Glimmer Palace sucked! I thought about reading it, but I think I will re-evaluate now haha great reviews, as always :)

  2. awesome reviews!!!

    i love how honest you are.

    i think im going to leave the immortals for a time when i have absolutely nothing to read...which will take a very long time hehe

    I hadnt heard of the glimmer palace...but i dont like wwii books regardless...

    awesome as always!!

  3. Great reviews! I was thinking about reading Glimmer palace...bummer

  4. I've read Evermore and Blue Moon, and both of them were okay, but I probably won't be reading them again. I don't know if I want to continue the series but I would like to know what happens! Good review!

  5. I had heard some iffy reviews about The Glimmer Palace, too. Hope your next book is better!

  6. Yeesh! The Glimmer Place sounds terrible... the cover doesn't help either x)

    Gah, I read Evermore AGES ago and even though I liked it, I haven't felt compelled to read Blue Moon. I think Ever's annoying friends ruined it for me a little. xP

    Oh, I was practically having a HEART ATTACK when I saw the 50% off sale! Luckily I didn't lose myself ;)

  7. You write really nice reviews Kirthi. Love reading your reviews. I have read Evermore but I still need to read the other two. Will keep your review in mind.


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