19 January 2010


Review Policy:

I'm not a professional reviewer, I review books because I enjoy reading and I love to spread the word to other readers. It pains me to hear of people who don't like to read, so I try to make it my job to change their minds by reviewing a variety of good books.
I can't PROMISE that I'll review every book I read, but I certainly will review ARC's (review copies). If there are any publishers or authors who want me to review their book please e-mail me at raokiki6@gmail.com

I do not review adult books, I stick strictly to young adult books, being a young adult myself.

Rating Policy:
Stars: 5- Can rank in the "Best Books" category
Stars: 4- A great read!
Stars: 3- Good but lacking
Stars: 2- Bad, not fun to read
Stars: 1- Painful read, horrible!

Contest Policy
If you win a contest or giveaway, I'll be sending your prize as soon as possible, and it might take a while to reach you!

Genres I enjoy:
Fantasy Fiction
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Paranormal Fantasy and Fiction

I won't receive E-books!
If you'd like me to review your book, please e-mail me at raokiki6(at)gmail(dot)com!

This is my first "Policy" post, so if I'm lacking anything, please tell me!

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  1. I can't wait until I can be one of those who sends a book to you. :)


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