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20 January 2010

I just love hearing about all sorts of news around the blogosphere. As you all know, I love visiting new blogs and old, and getting to know people, so I hope to pass on the news! No, this isn't a meme, or anything, I'll just post this when the news piles up!

Borders throwing away 10,000 books and more?
Visit the Neverending Bookshelf for the post where I learned about this OR Visit

Tell BORDERS: DO NOT DUMPSTER BOOKS when Waldenbooks closes - DONATE! on facebook.

Cover Controversy
Shame on Bloomsbury! I haven't read Magic Under Glass, but there has been controversy going around that Nim was supposed to have darker skin than the model on the cover. Racism by Bloomsbury? White people on covers sell more than other skin colors??
The Liar controversy is the same. The Story Siren did a post on this along with Bloody Bookaholic, Helen's Book Blog, and Good Books and Good Wine! Go ahead and check them out!
I want to thank all the readers who notice things like this, thanks for bringing it up! And I'm shocked that readers decide not to read books because of covers! I decide to read books by covers, but I always give a chance to bad cover books! Boo Bloomsbury on your bad choice!

1/21 News Change! Bloomsbury is to change the Magic Under Glass cover with quote

"Bloomsbury is ceasing to supply copies of the US edition of Magic Under Glass. The jacket design has caused offense and we apologize for our mistake. Copies of the book with a new jacket design will be available shortly."

Popular covers!

A Blue so Dark by Holly Schindler. Release date: May 1st 2010!
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. Release date: March 2, 2010!
My personal favorite (below) is

This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Release Date: March 01st 2010

Contests and Giveaways?

I noticed in the blog feed I receive that for some reason book contests and giveaways are getting really popular! Check my sidebar for a list of current giveaways and contests, and stay tuned for my 100 followers giveaway (still getting it all together :D)

Blogs Recently Discovered:
Emma Michaels
Sophie Robinson
The Remainings of Me

This is all the news I could muster for tonight (gotta go do homework too!) If there's anything I missed, please tell me :D Should I make this a weekly meme or not...? Hmm...

6 thoughts:

  1. those are all such great covers :)

  2. I love the hex hall cover :) Great Post!!

  3. i loved the blue so deep cover!!! or was it blue so dark...regardless excellent!

  4. Hey Kirthi, Check out the contest on my blog to win Magic Under Glass. I hope you take the time to check it out.

  5. Wow, those covers look gorgeous.
    By the way, you've just won an award!

  6. I really like book news myself. I post about it sometimes. These are beautiful covers. I do a meme (noot my own) called Cover Attraction on Wednesdays-these would fit in there.


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