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11 January 2010

This is a weeking meme I think is hosted by Reverie Book Reviews. I only listen to mainly one singer (enya) and a few classical pieces, so instead of posting a new band or song I listen to, I'll be posting various music related stuff. Today, we started a new quarter at school in Orchestra! I'm in "Chamber" Orchestra, the advanced Orchestra where advanced 7th and 8th graders play together. Philharmonic Orchestra is the lower Orchestra that plays with the Philharmonic 7th and 8th graders. Yay, I'm advanced! I'll be posting the previous songs be played last quarter!

Charlie Brown Christmas (a medley including Linus and Lucy, Christmas Time is Here, and Oh Tannenbaum meaning we only play a little of each, mostly the beginning) I couldn't find the videos of our Simpson Middle School Orchestra, so these are the "non orchestra" videos for Charlie Brown.
Linus and Lucy (first part)

Christmas Time Is Here (20 seconds to 1 minutes and 34 seconds)- the "bad" version, the other good one was disabled by the owner

Oh Tannenbaum (stop at 1 minute 7 seconds)

James Bond Theme Song (non Orchestra Version)

Classic Rock (a medley of Mony, Mony, Born to be Wild, and something else....there are no video's so I can't post this piece)
I'll post the songs we're playing this quarter next Monday!

4 thoughts:

  1. Go Charlie Brown! And James Bond! ;)

  2. In response to your question:

    Yep, you already entered my contest! :)

  3. heyz!!

    i love charlie brown!! well i didnt like charlie i liked liones

    btw thanks for joining the challenge!!! hope you enjoy them as much as i do :)

  4. Find patterns and remember your key signature! Are there any accidentals that are repeated a lot? Because you maybe able to assume certain notes are raised/diminished.


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