Bloggiesta Time 2010!

09 January 2010

This is my first Bloggiesta! The goal of Bloggiesta is to set your blog goals for 2010, and The Book Lady's Blog is hosting this mini-challenge.

My goals ARE:
  • To write more detailed, more "juicy" reviews
  • Update my widgets often
  • Comment and get involved with other blogs
  • Try out new books that I'd never read and review them
  • Try humorous non-related posts to lighten up readers
  • Interview various authors
  • Have more contests and giveaways
  • Review children's books (a road down memory lane!)
  • Show more appreciation to my wonderful bloggers!
I'll update my goals when I come up with more, but so far, this is it! Is there anything you think I should add? Anything that I might want to fix? I don't mind criticism, any suggestions would be helpful! :)

ALSO! I did a Bloggiesta at my other blog, Dreamer (formally titled Fly Away) and picked a new template for it! Check it out!

4 thoughts:

  1. It's so much fun huh? Though eak it's time consuming but hey...hopefully it will be worth it! :)

  2. Great goals and best of luck with them! I should stick to a few too, hehe!

  3. Awesome goals, I hope you achieve all of them :)


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