Cybele's Secret and a dash of Wildwood Dancing

11 December 2009

Title: Cybele's Secret
Author: Juliet Marillier
Stars: 3.99
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

An ancient artifact A perilous quest a trail of magical signs a startling love triangle

One young woman must venture into the forbidden corners of a mysterious city and the realm of the enchanted Other Kingdom. But can she endure inconceivable tests of bravery, wisdom, and true ways?

My thoughts:
I loved the first book to this sequel, Wildwood Dancing. Wildwood Dancing was a story of a sister, Jena, and her quest. This book is the story of a younger sister, Paula the scholar, and her quest, along with her sister Tati. The setting was in Istanbul during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, a fascinating subject. I was kind of confused with this book, the events were mixed and it was kind of hard to comprehend, so sadly, I had to cross a few stars out. This cover deserves 5 stars however, because of its amazing detail. Chunks of the storyline, and characters, were hidden and splattered beautifully across the cover in the most intricate drawn pictures.

To the left is the ever so bewitching cover of Cybele's Secret with Paula as the woman in the middle.
Underneath to the right is the cover of the first book, Wildwood Dancing. Jena is my favorite out of all the sisters :D

3 thoughts:

  1. You are right the cover it awesome

  2. I read Wildwood Dancing... have you read the sequel? Is it as good?

  3. These look good and the covers are amazing. I see something new every time I look!


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