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26 December 2009

I haven't been posting recently because I've been spending time with my family in Missouri! It's actually SNOWING! Soft, real, flaky snowflakes! Unlike the hard, chunky muddy 'snow' that rarely falls in Georgia. I read these three books on my road trip and at my Uncle and Aunt's house. Hope you all had a happy holiday!


Title: Hush, Hush
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Stars: 5+
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap




Romance was not part of Nora Grey's plan. She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school, no matter how hard her best friend, Vee, pushes them at her. Not until Patch comes along. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Patch draws Nora to him against her better judgment.
But after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora's not sure whom to trsy. Patch seems to be everywhere she is and seems to know more about her than her closest friends. She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is way more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel.
For she is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those who have falled--and, when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost Nora her life.

My thoughts:
Everyone's been raving about this book, and I thought it might be another Twilight, but was I wrong! Patch and Nora make a great couple, and somehow, this isn't quite a mystery or paranormal romance, it's a mix. Patch is dangerous and hot, with a load of secrets. Nora is booky and nerdy, completly un-boy-crazy. Two comeplete opposties that attract. I couldn't put this book down, I was glued to it! The mystery and wonderful forbidden romance egged me on to finish it. The cover is the most beautiful cover of any book I've read this year, so that's a bonus!

Hush, Hush is a must read!


Title: Strange Angels
Author: Lili St. Crow
Stars: 3.5
Review by Kirthi
Summary by the back of the book

Dad? Zombie

Mom? Long Gone.

Me? Well, that's the scary part.

The Real World is a frightening place. Just ask sixteen-year-old orphan Dru Anderson, a tough girl who has taken down her fair share of bad guys. She's armed, dangerous, and ready to kill first and ask questions later. So t's gonna take her a while to figure out who she can trust...
Dru Anderson has been "strange" for as long as she can remember. traveling from town to town with her father to hunt the things that go bump in the night. It's a weird life, but a good one--until it all explodes in an icy, broken-down Dakota town, when a hungry zombie busts through her kitchen door. Alone, terrified, and trapped, Dru's going to need every inch of her wit and training to stay alive. The monsters have decided to hunt back--and this time, Dur's on their menu. Chances of survival? Slim to none.
If she can't last until sunup, it's game over...

My thoughts:

I started off with a boring, long first few pages. The plot wasn't clear until I got near the end, where I understood all the messy events that had occured. Dru was....a good heroine, but not the best, tough ones I like. I loved, however, a few chapters and only one of the characters (Blue-eyes boy). It's not a "must read", but a book you can read in your spare-time, when you have nothing else to read.

Title: Nefertiti
Author: Michelle Moran
Stars: 4
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap



Nefertiti and her younger sister, Mutnodjmet, have been raised in a powerful family that has provided wives to the rulers of Egypt for centuries. Ambitious, charismatic, and beautiful, Nefertiti is destined to marry Amunhotep, an unstable young pharaoh. Iti s hoped that by all that her strong personality will temper the young Amunhotep's heretical desire to forsake Egypt's ancient gods, overthrow the priests of Amun, and introduce a new sun god for all to worship.

From the moment of her arrival in Thebes, Nefertiti is beloved by the people. Her charisma is matches only by her husband's preceived generosity: Amunhotep showers his subjects with lofty promises. The love of the commoners will not be enough, however, if the royal couple is not able to produce an heir, and as Nefertiti turns her attention to producing a son, she fails to see that the powerful priests, along with the military, are plotting against her husband's rule. The only person wise enough to recognize the shift in political winds--and brave enough to tell the queen--is her younger sister, Mutnodjmet.

Observant and contemplative, Mutnodjmet has never shared her sister's desire for power. She yearns for a quiet existence away from family duty and the intrigues of court. Her greatest hope is to share her life with the general who has won her heart. But as Nefertiti learns of the precariousness of her reign, she declares that her sister must remain at court and marry for political gain, not love. To acheive her independence, Mutnodjmet must defy her sister, the most powerful woman in Egypt--while also remaining loyal to the needs of her family.
Love, betrayal, political unrest, and religious conflict--Nefertiti brings ancient Egypty to life in vivid detail. Fast-paced and historically accurate, it is the dramatic story of two unforgettable women living through a remarkable period in history.

My thoughts:

The last parargraph pretty much summed up my thoughts. I don't know why, but the "sequel" to this book, The Heretic Queen, somehow was much better. Nefertiti is the introduction, the base, the start. I liked how the book was narrated from Mutnojment's point of view, where Nefertiti was portrayed as both the pro/antagonist character (but in my P.O.V. Nefertiti is an antagonist) I enjoy learning history in a fun, literal way, like historical fiction. Michelle Moran writes in qoute "vivid detail" in a way only she can write in. I de-starred it because I didn't love it as much as The Heretic Queen, but if not for that, it would have 5 stars!

7 thoughts:

  1. Awesome reviews!

    I really want to read Strange Angels and Nefertiti (<3 historical fiction) :)

  2. Great reviews. I have read 2 of Michelle Moran's books yet to read Cleopatra's Daughter and I loved Hush,Hush

  3. Great reviews! Hush Hush sounds realy good.

  4. Hmm Nefertiti sounds really good. I love historical fiction, especially when its based in the ancient times.

  5. Great Review! in these books i read only strange Angels. and it's story is really so good.......

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