13 November 2009

Title: What My Mother Doesn't Know
Author: Sonya Sones
Stars: 4.9
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

My name is Sophie
This book is about me.
It tells
the heart-stoppingly riveting story
of my first love
And also my second
and, okay, my third love, too.

It's not that I'm boy crazy.
It's just that even though
I'm almost fifteen
I've been gaving sort of a hard time
trying to figure out the difference
between love and lust.

It's like
my mind
and my body
and my heart
just don't seem to be able to agree
on anything.

"Tender and and sexy and honest. With the poetry of an innocent kiss and the passion of a teenager's heart, Sone has created a book that feels like real love"
-Laurie Halse Anderson author of Speak

My thoughts:
My friend, Rose Cunningham, recommended this book to me. It was absolutely thrilling to the very end, and as Anderson said, it feels like real love. An author who can do that is very skilled, I felt tingly inside while reading this. Sophie does seem boy crazy though, and all she can think about is kissing, but otherwise she's an OKAY character. The boy's she goes through seem valid and true, and it's a great coming-of-age book.

3 thoughts:

  1. hey....ive got a book for u...the lost symbol by dan brown....sure its a little religiously controversial but its a really good book...btw ive got a link for these ebooks....and they dont hurt ur computer...jsut ur head XD http://www.ebookee.tk/

  2. lol, thanks for the site! This'll help a lot!

  3. I'm so glad you liked the book! I thought her 3rd romance was definitely the best and I loved how she defined true love as : "When I first met Dylan I wanted to kiss him all the time. But the more I really got to know him, the less I felt like kissing him....But with Robin its the other way around. The more I really got to know him, the more I want to kiss him.... Maybe that's just how it is when your mind and your body and your heart and your soul are in total areement with each other. MAybe that's how it is when it's real love." I just loved that! Btw, the sequel is from Robin's point of view and is called, What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know. Also, check out her other books @ www.sonyasones.com


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