Ghost Huntress: The Awakening

19 November 2009

Title: Ghost Huntress Book One: The Awakening
Author: Marley Gibson
Stars: 4.99
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

Kendall Moorehead can't sleep. Not a Wink

Ever since her family moved from Chicago to the small town of Radisson, Georgia, Kendall hasn't gotten a decent night's sleep. It's just too freaking quiet.
To remedy the situation, Kendall's father brings home a white-noise machine. The soothing sound of static should help Kendall drift off to la-la land.
But what Kendall hears is anything but relaxing: a voice comes through the machine. A voice? Has Kendall completely lost her mind? Or is she waking up to a world she never knew existed?

My thoughts:
I love Dasani-Blue Eyed Boy, (you'll see when you read it :D) He gives a great romance in this thrilling, ghost packed book. Kendall is a spunky, rebellious girl who is easily loved, and Marley Gibson knows how to capture a reader, as the first words were "It's too freakin' quiet here!"
Everyone, especially people who love haunted stories, should read this book.

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