Broken Song

05 November 2009

Title: Broken Song
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Stars: 3
Summary bu Book Flap
Review by Kirthi

The year is 1897, and life for the Jews in Russia is desperatly hard. People live in fear of the tsar's brutal soldiers, who are known to ride though Jewish villages on missions of destruction called pogroms.
Reuven Bloom is a fifteen year old musician. With his beloved violin in hand and his best friend by his side, he is able to face the daily uncertainty of life in the Pale, the only area of Russia where Jews are allowed to live. But on the sixth night of Hanukkah, a deadly event occurs that will change Reuven's life forever. Now he has only one goal: escape. With his baby sister strapped to his back, he sets off toward an unkown freedom.
Reuven's journey will take him from Russia to Poland, and ultimately to the Goldench Medina, the golden country--America. He will be forced to set aside the peaceful existence of a violinst in favor of a more violent way of life.

My thoughts:
Reuven was hard to understand, he was fine one moment, and then crazy and obscure the next. The events were set at a fast pace and sometimes it was difficult to tell where I was in the story. However the cover really caught me, it's absolutely eye-catching and charming.

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