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06 November 2009

I've received another award, as Priya says, blog awards do come in twos! This one is from Enna Isilee from Squeaky Books called "One Lovely Blog Award". Thank you Enna, you made my day!
I also recieved this award from Amanda from Storywings
Thanks Amanda, I feel special :D

Title: Hattie Big Sky
Author: Kirby Larson (Kirby happens to be one of my nicknames at school..)
Stars: 5
Review by Kirthi
Summary by e-notes

It is 1918, and sixteen-year-old Hattie Brooks, who has been shuttled among relatives for as long as she can remember, is currently living in Arlington, Iowa with her Uncle Holt and Aunt Ivy. Hattie's best friend, Charlie Hawley, has enlisted to fight in the war. Although she believes Charlie is sweet on someone else, Hattie considers him a "good chum," and writes to him frequently. Unexpectedly, Hattie learns that an uncle she never knew has died in Montana and left her his claim of three-hundred-twenty acres. Without hesitation, she jumps at the opportunity.

My thoughts:
I loved this book because of it was during the war and in 1918! The harsh reality of life back touched me. The cover really made me read this. I had seen it many times at the library but I never really got to it, until now. This is an amazing book and I recommend this to everyone!

3 thoughts:

  1. I've made so many people happy! I must participate in blog awards more often!

  2. I read this book a year or so ago, and I absolutely loved it!!!!

  3. that's great Marianne!

    Blog awards do bring happiness :)


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