The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

29 November 2009

Title: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
Author: James Patterson and Michale Ledwidge
Stars: 5
Pages: 238
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

The greatest superpower of all isn't to be part spider part man, or to cast magic spells--the greatest power is the power to create.
Daneil X has that power.
Daniel's secret abilities- like being able to manipulate objects and animals with his mind or re-create himself in any shape he chooses- has helped in survive. But Daniel doesn't have a normal life. He is the protector of Earth, the Alien Hunter, with a mission beyond anyone's imagining.
From the day that his parents were brutally murdered before his very eyes, Daniel has used his unique gifts to hunt down their assasin. Finally, with the help of The List, bequeathed to him in his parents' dying breath, he is closing in on the killer.
Now, on his own, he vows to carry out his father's mission-and to take vengeance in the process.

My thoughts:
Oh. My. Gosh. This was one super exciting, action packed, thrilling book. Normally, aliens don't really strike me as a good story, but this changed my views of aliens forever. This is my first James Patterson book, and I'm more than pleased with it! The characters, the plot, everything felt REAL and EXCITING! I especially love the back cover. Everyone HAS to read this!

Interview with Maire!

This is my first interview1 I'm interviewing Maire (Maura), a 16 year old book reviewer from Canada on her blog, Monster of Books. 6, being my lucky number, is the number of questions I asked Maire!

1. Chocolate or No Chocolate?
Definitely Chocolates!!! I don't know what I do without chocolates. I eat them, I bake with them, and I eat them. :)

2. What was your most embarrassing moment?

I can't think of my "most" embarrassing moment at the the moment, but I remember one that stands out. When I was 13, Me, my friend, and this girl I rather disliked all sat in the field behind my elementary school. Of Course at the time, I just sat down without looking. Anyways, all three of us are talking, and talking away. In the middle of our conversation,I don't remember why, but I stood up. The girl who I disliked started laughing at me. I didn't know why, and she started to say: "You have gum on the back of your pants!!" Now, I don't know if other people would react this way, but with me being shy and all, I started to turn red. The whole school was outside because it was break time, no one seem to notice the gum stuck to my pants so I rushed to the teacher and asked if I could go inside. He asked why and I told him, feeling totally embarrassed that I had gum stuck to my pants and would like to switch into my gym clothes. So then as we're walking to the school doors he starts lecturing me about how I should watch where I sit and I was blushing red the whole time feeling like a idiot. And to make it more worse the girl who I disliked kept reminding me of the incidents for weeks.

3. What's the best book you've ever read?
This is a hard question. Hmmm, I'm going to use my favorite book for this one. My favorite book of all time is Secrets of the Sirens by Julia Golding. I'm a big fan of all Julia Golding's works and my favorite series written by her is Companion Quartet. The first book in the series is, Secret of the Sirens. I have read that book probably 15 or more times. It is a series that is geared towards younger audiences, but I believe anyone will enjoy it. Why I like it? I have, still to this day not figured out why. I just do. Another awesome series by her is the, Cat Royal series.

4. What's the worst book you've ever read?
I rather not say what is the "worst" book I've ever read, but a book I'm particularly wasn't keened on reading. For me that was, Lord Of The Flies by William Golding. Why I didn't like it, was because it wasn't my type of novel and it was a bit to slow.

5. What's the song your listening to right now?
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga :)

6. Who's your favorite author?
I hope it's ok to have 3!!! My favorite authors of all time are Julia Golding, Rachel Caine, and George MacDonald who wrote, The Princess and The Goblin.

I've had so much fun interviewing Maire, thanks for allowing me to!

Contests and Giveaways 2!

27 November 2009

Erica from The Book Cellar is celebrating her 250 followers and is hosting a HUGE giveaway, which ends December 20th and is, sadly, only for residents living in the U.S. Win loads of amazing books, have fun and good luck!

Brizmus from Brizmus Blogs Books is hosting a promising 100 follower contest! It ends December 18th 2009, so hurry up and enter :)

Choco from In Which a Girl Reads is holding a GINORMOUS giveaway to celebrate her 100 followers, there are a ton of amazing books to choose from!! Come on in and enter :D

Kristi from The Story Siren is hosting a "Because Angels are Hot!" contest and win Fallen and Hush Hush (plus the poster too) for 2 lucky winners!

Sara from The Hiding Spot is hosting a giveaway of Nothing But Ghosts. It ends December 7th so go on and enter!

Taschima (Natascha) from Bloody Bookaholic is hosting a "Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever you believe in Blowout" and there'll be awesome prizes. Knock yourself out!

Becky from The Bookette is giving away a copy of The Dazzling Dresskeeper and "Yay!" it's an international contest :D

Maire from Monster Of Books is giving away a copy of The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong, go ahead and enter!

I've recently reached the 25th follower mark on my blog, and I'm planning a super mini-giveaway of one book, so look out for that!

More soon :)

Happy Thanksgiving

26 November 2009

The most American holiday is here! There are a lot to be thankful for today, here are a few:
  • I'm thankful for having avid readers following my blog and just visiting. Thanks for your support!
  • I'm thankful for my friends that comfort me and keep me company. I couldn't have made it without you guys
  • I'm thankful for having creative authors who continue to come out with amazing books
  • I'm thankful for my parents, who aid me with everything I choose to do
  • I'm thankful for going to school, for getting an education while others in this world can't
  • I'm thankful for happiness and laughter that makes life brighter
  • I'm thankful for being alive
  • I'm thankful that I have a house to live in and food in the pantry
  • I'm thankful that I'm not poor, living in a place with a low standard of living
  • I'm thankful that I have an older brother, Karthik, who helps me with all (some) of the stuff I can't do myself.
  • I'm thankful for music (Celtic, New Age, Indian..) and movies that make me happy (Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Narnia...)
  • I'm thankful that I have all that I have
  • I'm thankful that I'm me.
What are you thankful for? :) Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Eat more turkey! The picture of the turkey below may seem offensive to some religions, sorry! No offense intended

I won!! and The Honest Scrap Award?

25 November 2009

Sorry, this is my second post today and I'll been trying to keep it to a limit of 1.

I've won my first ever contest in the blogging world! I won a copy of Life After Genius from Tena from Crazy Book Slut. Thanks Tena, I can't wait to review this book :)

I hope this is the first of many more to come!

I also got awarded the Honest Scrap Award from Heather at The Secret Adventures of WriterGirl!

And I've recently got another award from Choco from In Which A Girl Reads. I have to write 10 honest things about myself for each award, does that mean I have to do 20 things? Sadly, my life hasn't been that exciting, so...any ideas?

Poison Study

Title: Poison Study
Author: Maria V. Snyder
Stars: 5+
Rated: PG-13
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

A Quick Death....
Or Slow Poison...

About to be executed for murder, Yelena is offered an extraordinary reprieve. She'll eat the best meals, have rooms in the palace--and risk assassination by anyone trying to kill the Commander of Ixia.
And so Yelena chooses to becomes a food taster. But the cheif of security, leaving nothing to chance, deliberately feeds her Butterfly Dust--and only by appearing for her faily antidote will she delay an agonizing death from the poison.
As Yelena tries to excape her new dilemma, disasters keep mounting. Rebels plot to sieze Ixia and Yelena develops magical powers she can't control. Her life is threatened again and choices must be made. But this time the outcomes aren't so clear...

My thoughts:
I'm still tingling with excitement from reading this (roughly 5 to 10 minutes ago). It's an excellent start to a promising series, which I intend to get VERY soon :) Yelena is a strong, stubborn, and mysterious girl with a haunting past. I absolutely love the thrill Poison Study gives me, I literally could not put it down! I was holed up in my room and delayed dinner to finish it, and having gotten this today, I don't think my parents will allow me to go and get the other books to the series (Magic Study and Fire Study) tomorrow. The romance in this book is absolutely delicious, and don't worry, it's rated (by me) PG-13. I was gasping at the right parts and was totally intrigued when reading this. Everyone must read!

Random Humor

24 November 2009

I know this is totally un-related to books, but I just thought everyone needed a good laugh.

1. Pardoning the Turkey- I got this off of another blog post, but I forgot which.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Bloopers (Most Favorite Movie)

3. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 At World's End Bloopers (Johnny Depp is hilarious)

4. Charlie the Unicorn (This is a strange video...but I cracked up anyways!)

If you have any other funny videos to suggest, please do! :)

Season Series IV 2010 Challenge

This Challenge is hosted by Kathryn at Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic
The challenge starts December 1st, 2009 and goes until November 30th, 2010.

The rules are easy:

1) Pick a couple series you already started and now want to finish (meaning, you'll be all up to date with the series when it ends).

2) Read at least 4 books, more are also okay, of course!

3) Crossovers with other challenges are always okay.

4) Post your review of the books on your blog or in the comment section, no matter how long. If you post the review on your blog, please post a link to the review in the comment section so that everyone else can check out your review.

5) Have fun!

Go to Kathrin's blog to add yourself on the list

Happy Reading everyone!

Ghost Huntress: The Awakening

19 November 2009

Title: Ghost Huntress Book One: The Awakening
Author: Marley Gibson
Stars: 4.99
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

Kendall Moorehead can't sleep. Not a Wink

Ever since her family moved from Chicago to the small town of Radisson, Georgia, Kendall hasn't gotten a decent night's sleep. It's just too freaking quiet.
To remedy the situation, Kendall's father brings home a white-noise machine. The soothing sound of static should help Kendall drift off to la-la land.
But what Kendall hears is anything but relaxing: a voice comes through the machine. A voice? Has Kendall completely lost her mind? Or is she waking up to a world she never knew existed?

My thoughts:
I love Dasani-Blue Eyed Boy, (you'll see when you read it :D) He gives a great romance in this thrilling, ghost packed book. Kendall is a spunky, rebellious girl who is easily loved, and Marley Gibson knows how to capture a reader, as the first words were "It's too freakin' quiet here!"
Everyone, especially people who love haunted stories, should read this book.

A Curse Dark As Gold

Title: A Curse Dark as Gold (winner of the William C. Morris YA Devut Award)
Author: Elizabeth C. Bunce
Stars: 5+
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

The gold thread shimmers in the fading light
It promises Charlotte Miller a way out of debt, a chance to save her family's beloved woolen mill. It promises a future for her sister, livelihood for her townsfolk, security against her sinuous and grasping uncle. It might even promise what she didn't know she needed: lasting hope and true love.
But at what cost?
To get the thread, Charlotte must strike a bargain with its maker, the mysterious Jack Spinner. But the gleam of gold conjures a shadowy past--secrets and bonds ensnaring generations of Millers. And Charlotte's mill, her family, her friends, her love...What do those matter to a powerful stranger who can spin straw into gold?

"In her brilliant debut, Elizabeth Bunce weaves a spellbinding fairy tale spun with mystery and short through with romance."

My thoughts:
I've always loved Rumpelstiltskin ever since I was little, and this version is by far one of the best. I love Charlotte's character. She's a strong, stubborn woman who will go to all ends of the Earth to do what seems to be the impossible. Generations of Millers have all given up, but that won't stop Charlotte Miller to. She's an admirable, headstrong character that sets an example for others. Unlike Bella Swan in Twilight, Charlotte doesn't hang and cling too much with others, and she doesn't rely on people to jump in and rescue her. Charlotte is one of my most favorite literary characters. Recommended to: fairy tale readers and teens!

My Childhood Favorites (1)

17 November 2009

I was browsing through Goodreads and I came across old favorites.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein: My mom bought be this book when I was in 2nd grade and I fell in love with it immediately.
"Once there was a tree ... and she loved a little boy." So begins a story Of unforgettable perception, beautifully written and illustrated by the gifted and versatile Shel Silverstein.

Every day the boy would come to the tree to eat her apples, swing from her branches, or slide down her trunk ... and the tree was happy. But as the boy grew older he began to want more from the tree, and the tree gave and gave and gave. This is a tender story, touched with sadness, aglow with consolation. Shel Silverstein has created a moving parable for readers of all ages that offers an affecting interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in return.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff: I bought this book at the school book fair in elementary school, and I was entranced. I wouldn't let it go until I had memorized every word and picture

descriptionn: If a hungry little traveler shows up at your house, you might want to give him a cookie. If you give him a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. He'll want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn't have a milk mustache, and then he'll ask for a pair of scissors to give himself a trim....

Also try:

  • If You Give a Pig a Pancakes
  • If you give a Moose a Muffin

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans: I loved this cute little European girl and her classmates. I watched ALL the videos, all the cute symettrical children and the the lady who looked like a nun. Madeline is one of my favorites! I can still hear the theme song "Oh Madeline Oh Madeline!" The books were illustrated beautifully too! I thank my mom for introducing me to this book too!

description: Madeline is one of the best-loved characters in children's literature. Set in picturesque Paris, this tale of a brave little girl's trip to the hospital was a Caldecott Honor Book in 1940 and has as much appeal today as it did then. The combination of a spirited heroine, timelessly appealing art, cheerful humor, and rhythmic text makes Madeline a perennial favorite with children of all ages.

Corduroy by Don Freeman: I found this at my local library when I was little, and was fascinated. I used to make up Curduroy adventures in my head when I went to sleep!

description: Have you ever dreamed of being locked in a department store at night? The endearing story of Corduroy paints a picture of the adventures that might unfold (for a teddy bear at least) in such a situation. When all the shoppers have gone home for the night, Corduroy climbs down from the shelf to look for his missing button. It's a brave new world! He accidentally gets on an elevator that he thinks must be a mountain and sees the furniture section that he thinks must be a palace. He tries to pull a button off the mattress, but he ends up falling off the bed and knocking over a lamp. The night watchman hears the crash, finds Corduroy, and puts him back on the shelf downstairs. The next morning, he finds that it's his lucky day! A little girl buys him with money she saved in her piggy bank and takes him home to her room. Corduroy decides that this must be home and that Lisa must be his friend.

There are much too many favorites to post on this one post, so keep your eyes out for more favorites!

Once Upon A Time Challenge

15 November 2009

Tena at Crazy Book Slut is hosting the Once Upon A Time: 2010 Reading Challenge. She writes:

This challenge is quite simple..... read the fairy tales you grew up reading but from another view than Disney's version. There are so many great fairy tale books out there, that might take the same story we know but with an added twist.
These books can be Young Adult, Romance, Erotic, e-books, audio books.... your only limited by your own imagination.

The goal is 5 books - but readers can read more if they'd like. Re-reads are not allowed. The time frame for this challenge will be January 1, 2010- December 31, 2010. Plenty of time. Please do not start this challenge before the time, and don't use books you have already read. Visit Crazy Book Slut for more info about this challenge. Have fun

I'm going to add some levels for this challenge, so it'll be easier: Fairy Lover- 1-3 books
Level One-Crazy Fairy lover- 3-6 books
Level Two-Fairy-tale obsessed- 6-9 books
Level Three-Ultimate Fairy-Tale Reader- 9-12 books or more

The Sorceress.

Title: The Sorceress
Author: Michael Scott
Stars: 5+
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

Dr. John Dee has torn the city apart in every attempt to intercept the immortal Nicholas Flamel and Sophie and Josh Newman. Paris's streets are in ruin, Notre Dame destroyed, the Comte de Saint-Germaih's home leveled. Dee has the book of Abraham the Mage, but he's sitll missing the two pages the Dark Elders need for the Final Summoning. Without them the spell cannot be cast, and Dee is well aware that the Dark Elders will not rest until they are in power and the human race is destroyed--or he is.
Nicholas Flamel's heart almost broke as he watched his beloved Paris crumble before him. The city was demolished by Dee and Machiavelli, but Flamel played his own role in the destruction/ Sophie and Josh Newman show every sign of being the twins of legend, and Flamel had to protect them and the pages from the Dark Elders.
But Nicholas grows weaker with each passing day. Perenelle is still trapped on Alcatraz, and now that Scatty has gone missing, the group is without protection. Except for Clarent--the twin sword to Excalibur. But Clarent's power is unthinkable, its darkness seeping into the soul of whoever wields it.
If he hopes to defeat Dee, Nicholas must fine someone who can teach Josh and Sophie the thrid elemental magic--Water Magic. The problem? The only being who can do that is Gilgamesh, and he is quite, quite insane.

My thoughts:
The third installment to The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel is as incredible as the other two, I loved it till the very last pages. Again, it's as if I'm with the characters as they go on their tiresome journey, and I also get a nice dose of history and mythology while I'm at it. Michael Scott, Ireland's most successful author, manages to enthrall the reader in a world of myth. The cover is one of my most favorites of all time, the four white symbols in all four corners give a hint of what the story is about, if you can see, there's a Spider, a Trident, a Deer, and Stones (wink).

13 November 2009

Title: What My Mother Doesn't Know
Author: Sonya Sones
Stars: 4.9
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

My name is Sophie
This book is about me.
It tells
the heart-stoppingly riveting story
of my first love
And also my second
and, okay, my third love, too.

It's not that I'm boy crazy.
It's just that even though
I'm almost fifteen
I've been gaving sort of a hard time
trying to figure out the difference
between love and lust.

It's like
my mind
and my body
and my heart
just don't seem to be able to agree
on anything.

"Tender and and sexy and honest. With the poetry of an innocent kiss and the passion of a teenager's heart, Sone has created a book that feels like real love"
-Laurie Halse Anderson author of Speak

My thoughts:
My friend, Rose Cunningham, recommended this book to me. It was absolutely thrilling to the very end, and as Anderson said, it feels like real love. An author who can do that is very skilled, I felt tingly inside while reading this. Sophie does seem boy crazy though, and all she can think about is kissing, but otherwise she's an OKAY character. The boy's she goes through seem valid and true, and it's a great coming-of-age book.


12 November 2009

Title: Immortal first love never dies
Author: Gillian Shields
Stars: 5
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies, housed in a Gothic mansion on the bleak northern moors, is elite, expensive, and unwelcoming. When Evie Johnson is torn away from her home by the sea to become the newest scholarship student, she is more isolated then she could have ever dreamed. Strict teachers, snobbish students, and the oppressive atmosphere of Wyldcliffe leave Evie drowning in loneliness.
Evie's only lifeline is Sebastian, a rebelious, mocking, dangerously attractice yound man she meets by chance. As Evie's feelings for Sebastian grow with each secret meeting, she starts to fear that he is giding something about his past. And she is haunted by glimpses of a strange, shodtly girl--a girl who is so eerily like Evie, she could be a sister. Evie is slowly drawn into a tangled web of past and present that she cannot control. And as the extraordinary, elemental forces of Wyldcliffe rise up like the mighty sea, Evie is faced with an astounding truth about Sebastian, and her own incredible fate.

"Immortal is beautifully wrought and carefully woven. The magic of this enticing gothic romance will linger after the last page is turned"
-Melissa Marr author of Wicked Lovely

My thoughts:
I agree with Melissa Marr, this book was original and suspenseful, and the romance was spooky. Thanks to Maura from Monster of Books for giving me the suggestion of reading this. I enjoyed it, the history and mystery involved just forced me to keep reading. The beggening hooked me at the first word, unlike other books that bore the reader to death. The cover is bewitching and alluring, and blue (my favorite color). This is a great read and will leave you wishing there had been more pages (which is only 360)

New Story on Fly Away

10 November 2009

Hi Readers! In Language Arts at school, we have to write a narrative with out groups (didn't turn out so well, check Fly Away). The prompt I chose was titled Mr. Lindens Library. The picture (to the left) was what we chose it by. The words given were
"He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late."

Check my blog for MY version of Mr. Linden's Library on my blog.

Contests and Giveaways!

09 November 2009

There's this awesome book contest from The Book Cellar to win a copy of Little Black Lies by Tish Cohen!

Also, there's a contest at Bookworm Readers to win a copy of Demon Princess by Michelle Rowen. It's been extended to November 20.

Go to Bookshelf Monstrosity for more contests and giveaways, have fun and hope you win some copies :)

At Crazy Book Slut and win Life After Genius by M. Ann Jacoby

Also, (added November 12 ends on the 27th) win a copy of Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran on Squeaky Books.

City Of Bones

08 November 2009

Title: City of Bones
Author: Cassandra Clare
Stars: 5+
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemoniom Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder-much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It's hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing-not even a smear of blood-to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?

This is Clary's first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It's also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace's world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary finds herself attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? and how did Clary suddenly get the Sight. The Shadowhunters would like to know....
Exotic and gritty, exhilarating and utterly gripping, Cassandra Clare's ferociously entertaining fantasy takes readers on a wild ride that they will never want to end.

My thoughts:
I started yesterday afternoon, and ended yesterday night. I literally COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! This is a book that has the romance of Twilight, the excitemnet of Harry Potter, the danger of Tithe. I absolutely loved it, except for the ending with John and Clary. In my thoughts, Clary ended up with the wrong guy. Jace was hilarious, Isobella reminded of Alice Cullen, Alec was just amazing, and I can't wait to read the sequel City of Ashes.
This book earned it's right in the Hall of Awesome Books. I recommend it to everyone!

Blog Awards and Hattie

06 November 2009

I've received another award, as Priya says, blog awards do come in twos! This one is from Enna Isilee from Squeaky Books called "One Lovely Blog Award". Thank you Enna, you made my day!
I also recieved this award from Amanda from Storywings
Thanks Amanda, I feel special :D

Title: Hattie Big Sky
Author: Kirby Larson (Kirby happens to be one of my nicknames at school..)
Stars: 5
Review by Kirthi
Summary by e-notes

It is 1918, and sixteen-year-old Hattie Brooks, who has been shuttled among relatives for as long as she can remember, is currently living in Arlington, Iowa with her Uncle Holt and Aunt Ivy. Hattie's best friend, Charlie Hawley, has enlisted to fight in the war. Although she believes Charlie is sweet on someone else, Hattie considers him a "good chum," and writes to him frequently. Unexpectedly, Hattie learns that an uncle she never knew has died in Montana and left her his claim of three-hundred-twenty acres. Without hesitation, she jumps at the opportunity.

My thoughts:
I loved this book because of it was during the war and in 1918! The harsh reality of life back touched me. The cover really made me read this. I had seen it many times at the library but I never really got to it, until now. This is an amazing book and I recommend this to everyone!

Broken Song

05 November 2009

Title: Broken Song
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Stars: 3
Summary bu Book Flap
Review by Kirthi

The year is 1897, and life for the Jews in Russia is desperatly hard. People live in fear of the tsar's brutal soldiers, who are known to ride though Jewish villages on missions of destruction called pogroms.
Reuven Bloom is a fifteen year old musician. With his beloved violin in hand and his best friend by his side, he is able to face the daily uncertainty of life in the Pale, the only area of Russia where Jews are allowed to live. But on the sixth night of Hanukkah, a deadly event occurs that will change Reuven's life forever. Now he has only one goal: escape. With his baby sister strapped to his back, he sets off toward an unkown freedom.
Reuven's journey will take him from Russia to Poland, and ultimately to the Goldench Medina, the golden country--America. He will be forced to set aside the peaceful existence of a violinst in favor of a more violent way of life.

My thoughts:
Reuven was hard to understand, he was fine one moment, and then crazy and obscure the next. The events were set at a fast pace and sometimes it was difficult to tell where I was in the story. However the cover really caught me, it's absolutely eye-catching and charming.

My new blog and the Vampirates!

04 November 2009

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, little snippets and chunks, but I've never actually thought of making a blog out of it. I did, though, thanks to Amanda for The Storyteller. She inspired me to make a blog, and thanks to Rachel, my best friend, for giving me the red flowered journal for my birthday (September 09)! My blog is called Fly Away I hope you can check it out when you can.

Title: Vampirates Demons of the Ocean
Author: Justin Somper
Stars: 5
Summary by Book Flap
Review by Kirthi

Twins Connor and Grace never dreamed that there was any truth to the Vampirates shanty their father sang to them before he died, but that was before the two were shipwrecked and separated from each other. For Connor, who is taken aboard a pirate shp, there's a chance to learn sword fight, but for Grace, aboard a mysterious ship of vampires, the danger is great.
The lure of the pirate life at sea may be just tempting enough to make Connor forget his past, but without him, Grace will not be able to survive.

My thoughts:
I love Pirates of the Caribbean and Twilight, and to find a book with both vampires AND pirates was surprising. At the beginning, Connor and Grace reminded me of Sunny, Violet, and Klaus in The Series of Unfortunate Events. Two orphans, homeless and no available relatives. I LOVE the Series of Unfortunate Events, so this book was a mix of all my top favorites. I say, GO JUSTIN SOMPER! Who also happens to be Australians. I've been reading a LOAD of Australian books like Eon: Dragoneye Reborn and all. Very literate country it is. Anyway, the vampires in this book shined a new light on possibilities, different from Twilight. The pirates were all the same, but with different characters and personalities. I suggest this to everyone of all ages.
P.S. the cover really bothers me. They only show Connor being rescued, but what about Grace?

On Pointe

03 November 2009

Title: On Pointe
Author: Lorie Ann Grover
Stars: 4.0
Summary by Book Flap
Review by Kirthi

For as long as she can remember, Clare and her family have had a dream: Someday Clare will be a dancer in City Ballet Company. For ten long years, Clare has been taking ballet lessons, watching what she eats, giving up friends and a social life, and practicing until her feet bleed-all for the sake of that dream. And now, with the audition for City Ballet Company right around the corner, the dream feels so close.
But what if the dream doesn't come true? The competition for the sixteen spots in the company is fierce, and many won't make it. Talent, dedication, body, shape, size--everything will influence the outcome. Clare's grandfather says she is already a great dancer, but does she reall have what it takes to make it into the Company? And if not, then what?
Told through the passionate and affecting poems in Clare's own voice, On Pointe soars with emotion as it explores what it means to reach a dream- and the way that dream can change as quickly and suddenly as do our lives.

My thoughts:
I really loved how Lorie Ann Grover wrote this, it's in the same format as Song of The Sparrow, by Lisa Ann Sandell. It adds effect to the story. I can feel Clare's dedication, happiness, and disappointment as if I were Clare herself. I got an insight on how tough it is to be a competitive, strong ballerina. It's not all about wearing a pink tu-tu and standing on your toes, it's MUCH more than that. I degraded this book because, in some parts, the main details lacked a little emotion, but otherwise, this is an amazing book!

Blog Award 2!

02 November 2009

Awards off of In Which a Girl Reads

I'm now handing out my 2nd set of blog awards!

The Dragon's Loyalty Award is to ONE awardee
This award is for those followers who are the most loyal and give bloggers joy by commenting regularly and with their support.
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You've been commenting more than anyone else on my blog! Thank you for your support Priya!

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Writing Month

01 November 2009

It's November 1st and it's time to join NaNoWriMo's National Novel event. The goal is to
write an entire novel in just 30 days. That means participants begin writing November 1 and must finish by midnight, November 30. The word-count goal for our adult program is 50,000 words, but our Young Writers Program allows participants who are 17 years old and younger to set reasonable, yet challenging, word-count goals.

What: To meet your word-count goal and write a novel from scratch in one month's time. You will be able to enter your chosen word-count goal in your profile starting October 1, 2009.

Who: You!

You should sign up on the Young Writers Program site if you are:

  • 17 years old or younger participating on your own.
  • In a K-12 teacher-lead class that is participating in NaNoWriMo.
  • An educator facilitating NaNoWriMo in your classroom.

If you are 13 or older you can sign up on the main site at Just know that you will have to write 50,000 words since the adult site doesn't allow you to set your own word-count goal.

Why: The reasons are endless! To write freely without having to stress over spelling and grammar. To be able to talk about how cool your novel is any chance you get. To be able to make fun of real novelists who take far longer than 30 days to write their books . . .

When: You can sign up whenever you'd like to add your name to the roster of budding young authors and participate in the forums. Writing begins November 1. To be added to the official list of winners, you must reach your word-count goal by November 30 at midnight. Once your novel has been verified by our web-based team of robotic word counters, the celebration begins.

View What is NaNoWriMo? for more info on this incredibly fun event!

Huge Honkin' Giveaway

There's a new contest out on Bookshelf Monstrosity, there will be a giveaway of 2 ARCs and 3 old but good books. Just follow the giveaway rules and you might win! The runner-up will win a bag of swag.

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