Red Moon at Sharpsburg

31 October 2009

Title: Red Moon at Sharpsburg
Author: Rosemary Wells
Stars: 4.5
Summary by Book Flap
Review by Kirthi

When the Civil War breaks out in the year 1861, everything changes: schools close, families flee, and young men head off to battle. India Moody's mama and pa send her for tutoring with their neighbor Emory Trimble, a brilliant young scientist who teaches the eager India chemistry and biology rather than the scriptures and handwriting young ladies are expected to learn.
But as the powerful Union army advances toward northern Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, India and her family realize they may get caught in the crossfire. When India's ailing pa returns to the front, India must summon the courage she didn't know she had to plunge into one of the war's most tragic and terrifying events: The Battle of Sharpsburg
As she struggles for survival, India gets an education in love and loss, the senseless devastation of war, and the triumph of hope in the face of despair.

My thoughts:
This is a very detailed historical fiction that, unlike some historical fiction, spends a lot of time on the history rather than the fiction part. India is a character with personality, and easy to love. Her relationship with Emory is "vague" but the fact that she wants to be a somebody rather than a nobody wearing corsets and giggling about young men. I like it, she's strong and believes she is as good as any other man. Even though she's a fiction character, I really believe she has a life.
I recommend this book to all history fiction readers!

1 thoughts:

  1. I believe that this book was epically boring. My group and I had to read it and we all agreed it was to boring to finish. So our friend told us every last detail about. I don't know who would enjoy it, that's my opinion.


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