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29 October 2009

Hi guys, I need your opinion on my title for my blog. Which one looks much better?

The one with the unicorn (A) or (B) the one with 2 unicorns, two vines, and a griffin, or (C) the one with 3 blue unicorns?

7 thoughts:

  1. I like the first one best, but maybe you could change around some of the colors? The "Pages" is kind of blending in with the images... maybe you could make the unicorns light blue or use a bolder color for the title or something.

  2. hmm.......light blue. I think I should try that...thanks for your advice Priya!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. hmmm.... second one.

    its more like kirthi, instead of a wannabe.

    consider it...

  5. Very nice. I do like the first one.

  6. all right then, it's decided. I'm sticking with the first one (A)
    thanks everyone!


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