Losing Louisa

14 October 2009

Title: Losing Lousia
Author: Judith Caseley
Stars :3.9
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

When Lacey Monroe Levine hears noises coming from the basement one night, she doesn't realize that her family's life is about to change. As if it hasn't changed enough already. She's the teenager, yet it's her divorced mother who is wearing tight jeans and going out on dates, while her father is about to become a father again with his new wife as the mother. Her parents have love lives, but Lacey doesn't, unless you count her crush on David, who shows every sign of becoming a jerk. And then there's Lacey's older sister, Rosie, smart Rosie, cheerleader Rosie, Rosie with the angelic singing voice. What if Rosie isn't as perfect as everyone seems to think?

My thoughts:
I didn't pick this book out! My friend insisted we read a book together, so at the school library, she picked this out.
"I know your going to read it one day (which I did), we're still gonna read it", she told me. So I checked it out anddd what do you know?! I finished it. It was a sort of book like a Sarah Dessen book I read...forgot the title. Anyone know? ANYWAY, I thought the romance between Lacey and MYSTERY BOY was so cute! It warmed me until I got that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Lacey was so lovable! I'm afraid, however, she didn't have much character. I mean, it was just like Bella Cullen in Twilight, Bella had no character! She was just totally lovesick and her personality was based on Edward. she was sooo boring! I don't get how Edward liked her!
CONTINUING, I still liked Lacey though, but only so little. Judith, my dear author, you need improvement.

2 thoughts:

  1. It sounds kind of like That Summer by Sarah Dessen...

  2. YES! that's what it was! I would want some originality.


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