Dark the Were and Golden Eyed

27 October 2009

Title: Dark they were and Golden Eyed
Author: Ray Bradbury
Stars: 5
Summary by Wikipedia (and Kirthi)
Reveiw by Kirthi
(Note: this is a science fiction short story)

An atomic war on Earth has caused the Bittering family — Harry, Cora, and their children Tim, Laura, and David — to flee via a rocket ship, joining the small population of humans who have colonized Mars. Shortly after their arrival, an atom bomb hits New York City destroying the ships, leaving the Bitterings stranded on Mars. Uneasily settling into their new environment, Harry begins to notice subtle changes first to the plants and animals, then to himself and his family. Mr. Bittering is scared of Mars, eating only food from the family's freezer, and is trying to make a rocket to bring him home. Soon though, the family cow grows a third horn, the grass becomes violet, the plants they are growing start to change, and so do the families. Tim wants to be called a Martian name, and Harry slowly stops resisting. What will happen?

My thoughts (written in Language Arts class)
I'm in LA, and my teacher, Mrs. Garcia, isn't in. She's pregnant and had this mix-up about doctors and appointments this morning and had to leave. I have this weird substitute now, Mr. Gust. Last time he subbed for us, he was trying too hard to be liked by the class.
with my exceptionally fantastic reading skills, I've finished while the rest of the class is still on page 2. Ha, ha. Now my REAL thoughts on this sci-fi peice.

My real thoughts:
This story deserved more than 5 stars. The setting, Mars, was mysterious and unknown and the slow haunting mood and tone scared me. I thought that it was amazing, and it reminded me of The Veldt. The Veldt was this short story I read last year in Language Arts, and surprisingly when I looked it up, it was also by Ray Bradbury. I noticed the writing style, they are both the same.
I think Bradbury leaves a lot out. He writes vague and allows the reader's mind to stray and imagine. It was a rich suspensful, and exciting story. I love Ray Bradbury's stories.

2 thoughts:

  1. oh crap that book was amazing.

    ending was kind of confusing though.....

  2. lol, what's with the "crap" part? In my opinion, the ending was like a repetition of the beginning.


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