Blog Award!!!

25 October 2009

I received my first blog award for Sheer Awesomeness by Priya, who has an amazing book blog, Book Crumbs . Thank you sooo much Priya!

I now award the Sheer Awesomeness Award to

1. Sherry Salach of Flipping Pages for All Ages
2. Maura from Monster of Books
3. Em from Em's Bookshelf
4. Amanda Lee from The Storyteller

I would also like to award the I Love Your Blog award to

1. Bookworm from Bookworm Readers
2. The Book Spot
3. Erin from Miss Erin
4. Priya from Book Crumbs

Nominate your recipients on your blog by copying and pasting these awards!
I've enjoyed giving out these awards, hope you do too!

5 thoughts:

  1. Thank you! There are so many awards going around right now :)

  2. yea, everyone's feeling the love!

  3. OMG thank you...

    i didnt even know people read my blog let alone gave it an award...


    I <3 U


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