Jade Green

02 September 2009

Title: Jade Green
Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Stars: 4.9
Review by Kirthi
Summary by the inside of the book flap.

At first glance the large brown house at the end of Stone Street seems so forbidding that Judith Sparrow wants to turn back. But turn back to where?
Recently orphaned, she has no alternative other than to be taken in by her stern uncle Geoffrey, who agreed to the arrangement with one peculiar provision: Judith could bring with her whatever belongings she liked except for anything green. The color green is strictly forbidden in his house.
Upon the arrival at the house, Judith is determined to make the best of it and indeed is cheered by the warmth and charm of Mrs. Hastings, her Uncle's housekeeper, if less by her older cousin Charlies, who seems to alternate between friendlisness and a certain suspicious animosity . Even her uncle seems willing to open up at her at times.
But then strange, ghostly things behin to happen, and Judith finds her happiness in her new home, including a budding romance with Zeke, the millers son, compromised by terrifying experiences she can share with no one, not to mention the ghastly stories she hears about the households past.
And Judith must wonder if her one small transgression to the rule- her having concealed in her trunk a small green picture frame given to her by her mother- has somehow caused it all by bring that past to life again.

My thoughts:
I picked this up at the school library because of it's display, cover, and calligraphic title. My friend and I intended to read chapter by chapter for our book club, but my habit of not putting a book down until it's finished prevented that from happening. This book was absolutely WONDERFUL!! I loved it except for the fact that it was hard to tell what time period the story was taking place in, at first it seemed modern but then it turned to old times. I also degraded it by .5 stars because of its shortness. I prefer big beefy books, and this one wasn't as beefy as it could've been.

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