Hiroshima Dreams

24 September 2009

Title: Hiroshima Dreams
Author: Kelley Easton
Stars: 3.2
Reveiw by Kirthi
Summary by Book flap
...gorgeous flower on the cover, I love the design and the broken letters in the paper...

I have a gift of vision. It was given to me by my grandma, handed to me in a lotus seed, a pod that felt as big as my five-year old hand.

As a young child, Lin din discovered that she has the gift of second sight. It is her grandmother from Japan who teachers her to develop her gift through meditation and the mysterious of Buddhism. As Lin tests the strengths and the limitations of her powers, she also has to make sense of her visions that increasinly haunt her- images of a missing child, premontitions of her sister's troubles, mysterious snapshots of nuclera devastation, and the vision of a boy who will be more than a friend. With only her gramdnother to guids her, Lin must learn how this inherited gift and her family's history will shape who she will become as a young woman.

My thoughts:
I love realistic fiction on other cultures. This book was amazing, sort of hard though, and fast paced. Easten can really characterize her characters, making them so real, it was as if they were actually real.

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