Birthday Book: Pictures, 1918

06 September 2009

Title: Pictures, 1918
Author: Jeanette Ingold
stars: 5
Review by Kirthi
Summary by Book Flap

Asia stares at the camera in the drugstore window. It is beautiful. So much more than her dad's Brownie camera. Its an Autographic. Black and gold. She's never wanted a camera before, but this Autographic- it seems as though the picture this camera could take might really make a difference.
If she'd had this cameria she's have a picture of Straw Bit, her rabbit, who had died in the fire. She'd be able to look again at the shadowy figure she'd seen running away from the flames. And she could get a picture of her friend Nick before he goes off to college- or to war.
Right then, looking at the Autographic for the first time, Asia decides that somehow, someway, she'll make the monet to buy that camera herself...

My thoughts:
I love historical fiction, and stories of women left behind during wars. Like Two Girls of Gettysburg and Song of the Sparrow. Jeanette Ingold is an awesome writer, and this story was amazing. I loved Asia's character, especially her name. It's an unusual and creative name. The plot was simple and sweet, and not complicated like other stories, and there were few other lobable characters that were easier to remember.

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