The Awakening

11 September 2009

Title: The Awakening
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Review by Kirthi Rao
Summary by book cover
Stars: 5

As said by Kelley Armstrong: You know the big problem with a trilogy? After the first book, it gets really hard to describe the next one without giving away serious spoilers for book one. If you've read The Summoning, click the link below to see the description of The Awakening. If you haven't read The Summoning, don't do it!

so this reveiw and summary contains Spoilers!

If you had met me a few weeks ago, you probably would have described me as an average teenage girl — someone normal. Now my life has changed forever and I'm as far away from normal as it gets. A living science experiment — not only can I see ghosts, but I was genetically altered by a sinister organization called the Edison Group. What does that mean? For starters, I'm a teenage necromancer whose powers are out of control; I raise the dead without even trying. Trust me, that is not a power you want to have. Ever.

Now I'm running for my life with three of my supernatural friends — a charming sorcerer, a cynical werewolf, and a disgruntled witch — and we have to find someone who can help us before the Edison Group finds us first. Or die trying.

My thoughts:

I absolutely thought this book was amazing, it was a book as good as The Summoning. Chloe was strong and heroic, the characters were believable, new alliances were made, and the suspense never stopped. This book, not being an introduction book to a series, was easier to understand. It wasn't as scary either because all of that happened in the Summoning.

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