Song of the Sparrow

28 August 2009

Title: Song of the Sparrow
Author: Lisa Ann Sandell
Reveiw by Kirthi
Summary by the Book Flap
Stars: 5+

Since the days of King Arthur here have been paintings and poems created in her name. She is Elaine of Ascolat- the Lady of Shalott. And now, there is a new story, a new vision, of this mysterious and captivating girl...
Beautiful sixteen-year-old Elaine has a temperament as fiery as her long red hair. The daughter of a soldier in young Arthur's army, Elaine is the sole girl in a militaristic world of men. Often slipping into daydreams, she wishes that the handsome Lancelot would see her as more than a tomboy.
Then a new girl arrives, and Elaine is thrilled-- until Gwynivere proves to be cold and cruel. But when Elaine and Gwynivere are thrown into a situation of gravest danger, the girls must band together in order to survive. Can Elaine find the strength to fight for the kingdom she has always believed in?
Acclaimed author Lisa Ann Sandell brings a haunted lyricism and an epic sweep to this tail of love, betrayal, and war. Heartbreaking, eloquent, and gripping, this novel is a striking addition to the canon of Camelot mythology.

My Thoughts:
I loved this book, it was one of the rare books that touched me deeply. The emotions were poetically displayed, and with small words with great meaning, this book was amazing. And what made me really surprised was that this took place BEFORE Arthur became King, and before Camelot was even built. The calligraphy on the cover, and the wonderful model for Elaine, really caught my attention in the first place. Lisa Ann Sandell's book was the book that got me interested in Authorian folklore in the first place. This is, of course, an ancient re-read but just today I saw a girl at my tennis center that had this book in her hands. It just shows to tell you that a book like this can never get old.
Elaine was a brave, truly nice, and innocent heroine that I admire. Go Elaine!!

3 thoughts:

  1. When I first started reading this book I Wasn't to fond of it but then I got to page 5. From then on I could barely put it down. I am now rereading it once again at the moment im at page 3 and ive,k barely been reading 5 min.. Basically i LOVE this book. :)(:

  2. !!!!!!!BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!

  3. One of the best books i ever read


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