Lament The Faerie Queen's Deception

11 August 2009

Title: Lament The Faerie Queen's Deception
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Stars: 4.5
Reveiw by Kirthi and Goodreads
Caution: this reveiw contains spoilers!

16 year old Deirdre Monaghan, an incredibly gifted harp player and singer, and also a Cloverhand: a human who can see faeries. Then a strange, dangerously handsome and gorgeous boy moves in to her life, and she's crazy about him. The only problem is, is that Luke is a soulless faerie assasian. They're love cannot be, because of a mysterious faerie woman who is Luke's boss. Deidre is supposed to be Luke's next target, but he doesn't kill her.
Luke and "Freckle Freak" are on the same mission: kill Deirdre before she can threaten the Faerie Queen. Luke hasn't killed her, so Freckle Freak stalks her.
She's trapped between James, her best friend who has been teetering on the edge of friendship and in to love, and Luke, the boy she's in love with.

Every hero and men in Irish Mythology die, will Luke?

My thoughts:
This was AMAZING! i love dark fairy romances, and i share a love for Irish mythology (and scenery and music etc..) so I was terribly excited when i heard about this book. After reading it, I was delighted but I noticed how much Lament had in common with Holly Black's Tithe. I mean, they're really obvious.
  • Evil Faerie Queen bossing the hero
  • the hero is a dark doomed fairy
  • the heroine is strong, witty and all that with some sort of special ability
  • the faeries are both vicious and can kill
  • lusty
There's just too much in common. For that, I de-starred this book by a point and a half.

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