Tuck Everlasting- Natalie Babbit the book and the movie

11 July 2009

gawsh. THE MOVIE WAS SO SAAAADDDDDDD!!!! why did Jesse have to leave? Why did Wennie have to - i'm not going to give it away.....

The Tuck Family is immortal. Only they know the secret about the "Fountain of Youth" and their immortality. Until very recently, only they knew. Winnie Foster, a rich young girl, wants nothing but to be free from her 'prison' (her home) where she was brought up studying and growing up like a lady. When Winnie learns, in a way, about the immortality spring, the Tucks immediatly take her to their home. There they explain everything, there Winnie falls in love with Jesse Tuck, the youngest brother.
But in the end, will Winnie choose to drink from the spring, or die?

The MOVIE was so heart-breakingly beautiful that...that it was one of the few movies that made me cry. My favorite scene was where Miles, the older brother, interrupts a romantic scene between Jesse and Winnie and tells the story about how the Tucks became immortal . I'll type it below, but it's not word to word...

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"We all drank from the spring, except for the cat. The water tasted like...heaven. Floated over your tongue like a cloud. Tuck carved a T in the truck, marked where we'd been and moved on west looking for a place to settle down. Built a house for Maye and Tuck, and a shed for Jessie and me. That was the first time we figured there was something peculiar. Jesse fell 30 feet and landed right on his neck. Was up on his feet again before Maye could work out a cry. Didn't hurt him a bit, no broken bones. Nothing"
"That's not all, not by a longshot...Things began to happen. Some brushpoppers mistook Maye's horse for a deer. Thing is, the bullets didn't kill 'im. Barely even left a mark! Then Tuck got bitten by a rattelsnake. Know what? He didn't die! (thoaty chuckles) But the cat did! of old age. Miles got married. (flashback) ...oh.....little Anna."
"Tuck figured it out earlier. This spring. We all drank from it. Even the horse. Had to be. The source of our changlessness." (sad almost crying look on his face) "I begged her to come back. For her to find the spring and drink from it. The children too, it was our only hope to be together. (flashback) She made up her mind that I'd sold my soul to the devil. She left me. She took my babies with her."
"Everyone pulled away after that. There was talk of witchcraft, and black magic. I went looking for wars to fight. And i saw brave men die. And then Gettysburg...I saw thousands die in a blink of an eye. But not me (his voice cracks tears in his eyes) I couldn't die! But little Anna...the influenza took her before she was 15. (Anna was his daughter) And little Bo....he'd be almost 80 if he were still alive. And my sweet...my sweet young 'ride?'....she died in an asylum (i think...). "old and alone" (crying) But i'm still here! I'm still here!'

IT was the most saddest story...the flashbacks were so happy and sad...the music made everything real. And the guy who played Miles...he had real acting skills..his voice got choked up and his eyes got wet just like the real Miles would have done.


Winnie dying was the most saddest part!! WHY DIDN'T SHE DRINK FROM THE SPRING AND BE IMMORTAL!!!?!?!?!? the last scene in the movie showed Jesse kneeling at Winnie's grave...i was so SADDD!!!! he was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, instead of his trousers. and he was crying...i just can't beleive it! I keep imagining how i could have ended the story:

Jesse comes back and is greeted by Winnie. they have they're kissy kissy 'I love you' moment and then Winnie tells Jesse about the 'mortailty well' that she found that could age the Tucks, so that the Tucks could die. Jesse is all excited, tells this to his family, marries Winnie, has kids, and dies with a happy life.

Isn't that the best 'happily ever after'? I just wish...wish that things could've ended differently! :( this was one of the only movies I ever cried in...

7 thoughts:

  1. I just love Alexis Bledel! :)

  2. i know!! isn't she awesome? I like the actor who played Miles.

  3. i love the book and the movie

    i wish there was a happy ending too! but if there was it wouldn't be a book anymore it would be a fairy tale...the only place there is a happily ever after ever :(

  4. I have the book Tuck everlasting that I have to read, but I lost it. Is there a website where I can read it?

  5. Tuck Everlasting is a better movie, by far. Twilight has been spawned by everyone going gaga over Robert Pattinson, more or less.

  6. I loved this movie too! But I liked the ending...


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