The Last Olympian

28 July 2009

Title: The Last Olympian
Author: Rick Riordan
Reveiw by: the summary on the book flap and thoughts by Kiki
Stars: 5!!!

I spent almost all night, and most of my morning finishing this! yes!

All year the half bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds of victory are grim. Kronos's army is stronger than ever, and with every god and half-blood her recruits, the evil Titan's power only grows.
While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Now it's up to Percy Jackson and army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time. ( The barrier around Manhattan leaves Percy and 40 other demigods on their own with occasional help.)

In this momentous final book in the New York Times best-stelling series, the long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy's sixteenth birtday unfolds. And as the battle for Western civilization rages of the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate.

my thoughts: This is the BEST book in the Olmypians series. If you havent' read this book, i advise you NOT to read the following......................

I love how Percy organizes a war party with 40 demingods, the Hunters, and a few other sources, protecting Manhattan. I mean, he's only 16 and you have to get that sense of pride for Percy even though he's a fictional character. I love reading wars, but this one is the best. Every author who creates adventure stories (Almost every) always kills off 'important' characters, and i can almost feel that feeling, that sad gripping feeling, whenever someone dies.
Rick Riordan has a GREAT sense of humor, even in the midst of a terribly dangerous, scary, and dramatic moment, Riordan manages to lighten the mood with humor. I LOVE this book!

Envy- Anna Godbersen

25 July 2009

The book covers of the Luxe series really caught my attention in the first place. They're really beautiful, espcially the Rumors book cover, you had a model that was exactly how I picture Penelope.

Title: Envy (3rd book in the Luxe series)
Author: Anna Godbersen
Reveiw: Kirthi (Kiki) and the inside of the book cover

Jealous Whispers.
Old Rivalries.
New Betrayals.

Two months after Elizabeth Holland's dramatic homecoming, Manhattan eagerly awaits her return to the pinnacle of society. When Elizabeth refuses to rejoin her sister Diana's side, however, those watching New York's favorite family begin to suspect that all is not as it seems behind the stately doors of No. 17 Gramercy Park South.
Farther uptown, Henry and Penelope Schoonmaker, are the cit's most celebrated couple. But despite the glittering diamond ring on Penelope's finger, the newlyweds share little more than scorn for each other. And while the newspapers call Penelope's social-climbing best friend, Carolina Broad, an heiress, her fortune-and her fame- are anything but secure, especially now that one of society's darlings is slipping tales to the eager press.

In this next thrilling installment of Anna Godberson's bestselling Luxe series. Manhattan's most envied residents appear to have everything they desire: Wealth. Beauty. Happiness. But sometimes the most practices smiles hide the most scandalous secrets.

I sort of got tired of this book after reading the first two, but it really is gripping, and I couldn't put the book down until I read everything. I give it 3.5 stars. Anna Godbersen creates a historically accurate fiction story about the high society in Manhattan.

Epic by Conor Kostick

Title: Epic
Author: Conor Kostic
Reveiw by: the inside of the book cover

On New Earth, Epic isn't just a computer game- its a matter of life and death

Generations ago, violence was banned on New Earth. Society is gonverned and conflicts are resolved in the arnea of a fantasy computer game, Epic. Everyone plays, from teenagers to senior citizens. If you win, you have the chance to go to a university, get more supplies for your community , and fulfill your dreams; if you lose, your life and both in and out of the game is worth nothing.

When Erik, seeking revenge for the unjust treatment of his parents, adres to subery the rules of Epic, he and his friends are drawn into a cutthroat, power-hungry world. Soon they are up against the most dangerous players of all, the ultimate masters of the game: the Committee. If Erik and his friends win, they may have the key to destroying the Committee;s tyranny over New Earth.
But if they lose....

The Central Allocations split up family and friends, imprison them, and send them to mines. They beleive that they're bringing peace and order to the world, but really they're not. The people dream of dueling the C.A and winning.
This is a book I reccomend for video-game players, players from Runescape and World of Warcraft. Its a typical medevial, potion making, weapon bearing video game.

The Ultimate Reading List

22 July 2009

I love book lists. They really help with choosing books, and have always given me great books to read. So check out the Ultimate Teen Reading List.

Teenreads Ultimate Teen Reading List

The Smile by Donna Jo Napoli

21 July 2009

Title: The Smile
Author: Donna Jo Napoli
Published in: 2008
Reveiwed by: Kirthi (Kiki) and some help from the inside of the book flap.

Stars: 5

What is the reason behind her famous smile? She had the most famous portrait in the world, but who was this mysterious woman?
Elisabetta, Lisa for short, is fifteen. She hopes to marry for love, but knows that the chances were slim. She was going to be betrothed to one of the nobles in Florence.
Leonardo DaVinci is convinced that he will one day paint her portrait, even though Lisa doesn't think she is pretty. Leonardo introduced Monna Elisabetta to Giuliano de' Medici, the heir to the most wealthy and powerful family in Florence. The kindest of his three brothers, Giuliano becomes fast friends with Elisabetta and soon claims his love to her. But the timing couldn't have been worse, Florence is changing and the Medici's are hated and shunned.
Will Lisa's hope for a love marrige and a happy life end with the downfall of the Medici's, or will she "live happily ever after"?

I personally love Renaissance stories, or any story taking place back in the old times. Especially romances. Romances back then were so SWEET and not all gushy and smushy like it appears in some modern stories today.
Donna Jo Napoli is one of my most favorite writers, and this 'new' book has me waiting for more.

The Singer of All Songs

17 July 2009

One of the most effective books I've ever read, that really touched me, was the Singer of All Songs series. I read it last summer ( I found the summer log I kept! There'll be a lot more book posts) and it was just amazing. A list of characters might help you, cause I don't know how to summarize it. By the way, its from Wikipedia (Singer of all songs link)

I really like the plot, its original and has this touch of romance that doesn't get out of hand. The whole idea of this story, and the way it was written, is why I give this book 4.9 stars.

Calwyn is a 16 year-old priestess of Antaris who can sing ice chantments. Tends to the bee hives and is skilled with medicines and herbs; apparently very skilled in singing chantments, for she is capable of calling ice, working wind, and placating animals with her songs. She yearns to travel beyond the ice wall of Antaris and does so when Darrow comes and takes her on a journey. Calwyn is adventurous, restless, and faithful to a fault; at times she may not see others' points of view and insists that she is right. Calwyn strives to prove her worth, and is upset when unable to do so. Calwyn takes after her mother, who too longed for whatever lay beyond the Wall. Is described as being tall and skinny with big black eyes and long black hair in one or two plaits down her back.

is seen in pic to the left with Darrow

Darrow is a traveler who is trying to escape Samis (see next character), who is trying to kill him. Calwyn saves Darrow when he injures himself as he flies, by means of his own magic, over the Wall but fell to the ground from the top. When Calwyn helps him escape Antaris, she goes with him to stop Samis. An ironcrafter of Merithuros who was once friends with Samis but now aims to stop him. Calwyn calls him an old man whose life is almost over; he is mentally tired but enjoys traveling. He has traveled very far and Calwyn often asks him to tell her stories of his travels. Described as lean, light, hay compared, haired, hawk-eyed, having a crescent shaped scar over his right eye, and nearing his 30's. Has a limp from his fall over the Wall, but is later healed by Halasaa.

Samis an evil and greedy sorcerer who is trying to become The Singer of All Songs. In this position, he would be capable of manipulating wind, metal, wood, and ice, and communicating with animals not of his own race; as well as able to psychokinetically heal wounds, generate illusions, and produce fire. Was a minor prince of the Merithuran Empire who sought to be emperor, but was unable to earn him the title. Rejected, Samis instead sought to be ruler of all Tremaris. Wears a square iron ring jeweled with a ruby. Described as tall with a head too big for his frame; an ugly face looking like it was carved from stone; a beaked nose; a long mouth; and a mane of gray hair from a high brow.

Mica a 14-15 year old windworker (a magician capable of controlling movement of wind). Works for pirates, but escapes with Calwyn on the boat Fledgewing. Her village was burned down by slavers, whereupon Mica was captured and sold to a pirate crew. Mica gives the impression of bravado so as to avoid seeming weak. Described as being skinny with tawny skin, pale hair, and golden eyes. Wears a faded jacket that once belonged to Mica's beloved grandmother.

Tonno the brother of Xanni. Darrow's friend. Unable to sing chantments himself. Prizes himself as the ship's cook. Described as tall and burly with bushy eyebrows, curly hair, dark eyes, and a sullen, serious look.

Xanni is the owner of Fledgewing and Tonno's younger brother, about one to two years younger than Darrow. A good natured, adventurous young man. He is mortally wounded in Mithates by Samis and later dies at sea. Described as short with curly hair, dark, bright eyes, and wrinkles formed from laughing on his face.

Trout a young inventor from Mithates who possesses, without knowledge of its use, the Clarion of the Flame. He joins Calwyn and her friends in Mithates. Trout wears glasses. He was involved in an explosion due to an invention of his that ruined his hearing; Trout is now unable to hear high-pitched sounds, and thus is unaffected by the chantments of illusion, which are highly pitched. Described as being freckled with vague, blue eyes, has numerous burn scars and scratches. Trout is initially skeptical of chantments, but is ultimately convinced of their reality.

Halasaa one of the telepathic, voiceless Tree People, and the last user of the power of Becoming, which is a healing power activated by certain gestures. Calwyn meets him in the Wildlands, after an encounter with the dragonlike arakin. Halasaa is rejected by his people for his gift, as well as for his acceptance of voiced people, but is still kind and hopeful. Because Calwyn is a magic-user, like himself, he calls her "sister".

Marna is the High Priestess of Antaris. Described as old with silver hair piled on her head and carrying a staff of her office. She is a tired and wise woman.

Tamen is the Guardian of the Wall. Stern and awe inspiring, Tamen seems to purposefully ridicule Calwyn. Marna says this is only because Calwyn may one day be High Priestess, meaning that Tamen and Calwyn would have to work together. Described as tall with a long black and silver braid down her back.

Calida was Calwyn's mother. Restless like her daughter, she too sought to leave Antaris and explore the Outlands. Mysteriously, she vanished one day, only a little older than Calwyn. Many years later, Calida appeared during winter with baby Calwyn in her arms and died that night.

Ursca is the dumpy infirmarian of the priestess's dwellings. She tends to panic at every mistake, but when left to take care of a patient she is calm and in control. Ursca taught Calwyn everything she knows of herbs and medicines, but nearly drove Calwyn to madness with her fidgety ways and her tendency to, having acquired an opinion, hold onto it despite all evidence to the contrary.

Gilly is a novice ice priestess who is a friend to Calwyn. At the beginning of the book she begins her first Day of Strengthening. She is described as frivolous and prone to premature flirting with boys.

Tuw a gardener of the priestess's dwellings. He was born with a crooked foot and the other leg a hand span shorter than the other. Tuw has therefore fashioned a shoe with an exceptionally thick sole and many walking sticks, one which ends up in Darrow's possession.

Evermore by Alyson Noel

16 July 2009

Evermore by Alyson Noel
After a horrible car accident that claims the lives of her family, Ever survives and is "gifted" with the ability to see peoples aura's, hear their thoughts and know their entire life's stories by touching them. Ever doesn't like her abilites and avoids contact from everyone. At her new high school she's known as a freak, a hoody wearing, sunglassed, I-pod freak.
Damen, the new guy at school, gorgeous and hot, is the only person that can silence noisy thoughts and all the random energy in her head. He brings her a world of mystery and magic and love.

I rate this book with 5 stars.

Heres the book trailer:

Tuck Everlasting- Natalie Babbit the book and the movie

11 July 2009

gawsh. THE MOVIE WAS SO SAAAADDDDDDD!!!! why did Jesse have to leave? Why did Wennie have to - i'm not going to give it away.....

The Tuck Family is immortal. Only they know the secret about the "Fountain of Youth" and their immortality. Until very recently, only they knew. Winnie Foster, a rich young girl, wants nothing but to be free from her 'prison' (her home) where she was brought up studying and growing up like a lady. When Winnie learns, in a way, about the immortality spring, the Tucks immediatly take her to their home. There they explain everything, there Winnie falls in love with Jesse Tuck, the youngest brother.
But in the end, will Winnie choose to drink from the spring, or die?

The MOVIE was so heart-breakingly beautiful that...that it was one of the few movies that made me cry. My favorite scene was where Miles, the older brother, interrupts a romantic scene between Jesse and Winnie and tells the story about how the Tucks became immortal . I'll type it below, but it's not word to word...

watch on:

"We all drank from the spring, except for the cat. The water tasted like...heaven. Floated over your tongue like a cloud. Tuck carved a T in the truck, marked where we'd been and moved on west looking for a place to settle down. Built a house for Maye and Tuck, and a shed for Jessie and me. That was the first time we figured there was something peculiar. Jesse fell 30 feet and landed right on his neck. Was up on his feet again before Maye could work out a cry. Didn't hurt him a bit, no broken bones. Nothing"
"That's not all, not by a longshot...Things began to happen. Some brushpoppers mistook Maye's horse for a deer. Thing is, the bullets didn't kill 'im. Barely even left a mark! Then Tuck got bitten by a rattelsnake. Know what? He didn't die! (thoaty chuckles) But the cat did! of old age. Miles got married. (flashback) ...oh.....little Anna."
"Tuck figured it out earlier. This spring. We all drank from it. Even the horse. Had to be. The source of our changlessness." (sad almost crying look on his face) "I begged her to come back. For her to find the spring and drink from it. The children too, it was our only hope to be together. (flashback) She made up her mind that I'd sold my soul to the devil. She left me. She took my babies with her."
"Everyone pulled away after that. There was talk of witchcraft, and black magic. I went looking for wars to fight. And i saw brave men die. And then Gettysburg...I saw thousands die in a blink of an eye. But not me (his voice cracks tears in his eyes) I couldn't die! But little Anna...the influenza took her before she was 15. (Anna was his daughter) And little Bo....he'd be almost 80 if he were still alive. And my sweet young 'ride?'....she died in an asylum (i think...). "old and alone" (crying) But i'm still here! I'm still here!'

IT was the most saddest story...the flashbacks were so happy and sad...the music made everything real. And the guy who played Miles...he had real acting skills..his voice got choked up and his eyes got wet just like the real Miles would have done.


Winnie dying was the most saddest part!! WHY DIDN'T SHE DRINK FROM THE SPRING AND BE IMMORTAL!!!?!?!?!? the last scene in the movie showed Jesse kneeling at Winnie's grave...i was so SADDD!!!! he was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, instead of his trousers. and he was crying...i just can't beleive it! I keep imagining how i could have ended the story:

Jesse comes back and is greeted by Winnie. they have they're kissy kissy 'I love you' moment and then Winnie tells Jesse about the 'mortailty well' that she found that could age the Tucks, so that the Tucks could die. Jesse is all excited, tells this to his family, marries Winnie, has kids, and dies with a happy life.

Isn't that the best 'happily ever after'? I just wish...wish that things could've ended differently! :( this was one of the only movies I ever cried in...

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