Lord of the Rings and Eragon

08 June 2009

I finished re-reading Brisngr, third book in Christopher Paoloni's Inheritance Cycle. MY particular favorite was the creation of Eragons sword Brisngr. Nice blue sword, the best Rhunon's ever made. Starmetal, unscratable, and truly a Rider's sword.

My brother, however, doesn't like the Inheritance Cycle, mainly because of the fact that the story resembles The Lord of the Rings. Similiaries:
  • Eragon, the name, is similiar to Aragorn
  • There's a dark twisted magician/wizard
  • Urgals to the Urik-hai
  • The dwarves particular dis-like to elves (i guess that wouldn't be copying...)
  • All three races involved
  • Gandalf and Oromis
I guess some of them aren't THAT much of copying but I do see that some of it is the same-ish. If you want to add or disagree with some of the points, please tell me. It'll be interesting, and I like debating :)

By the way , here's a particulary funny cartoon i found while searching the web portraying Legolas of Lord of Rings as a conceited beauty-obsessed elf.

4 thoughts:

  1. I agree with you. It is similar to Lord Of The Rings but I won't call it copying... Nice post...

  2. AND he copies Tolkien's language EXACTLY. He says he made it up himself, yet he doesn't even bother to change it around a little. It is copied LETTER for LETTER. I'm DEFINITELY with your brother on this one. Sorry.

  3. really? gawsh, he needs a little more creativity!
    i agree with my brother too


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