Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy

26 June 2009

After just breaking up with her boyfriend, Cammie Morgan just wants a peaceful semester, but at Gallagher Academy, nothing is peaceful. Cammie is just a trouble magnet. Then Gallagher Academy plays host to strange and mysterious guests, Blackthorne Academy. When Cam breaches security, she leaves the school name at risk. Suspecting the Blackthorne boys, Cammie, Bex, Liz and Macey crawl around the school, bugging rooms and trying to find out more about their suspicious guests. Zach, a Blackthorne boy, knows a whole lot about Cam, and seems to like her.

I know WHY?! well its pretty obvious, i mean he kisses her once, calls her "Gallagher Girl" (nicknames are signs of affection) in the the next book shows great and real concern for her safety. But something about his shows that he might be a bad guy...

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