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16 May 2009

After getting a suggestion from my friend, I decided to read Frewin Jone's Faerie Path series.

Book 1: The Faerie Path:
Anita Palmer lives the life of any 16 year old teenager, except when she suddenly learns that she is Tania, the youngest daughter of Oberon and Titania, the lost princess. Since Tania's disspaearnece 500 years ago, the night before her wedding, Tania dissapeared. Faerie comes alive from its dull world when she reappears. She has a unique gift that allows her to travel between the mortal and Faerie world, and she must use it to stop a terrifying plot by Gabriel Drake that would destroy all of Faeirie.

Book 2: The Lost Queen

Tania and her true love Edric must return to the mortal world to bring back her faerie mother, Queen Titania, who had gotten trapped in the mortal world 500 years ago in search for her daughter, Tania. The 2 worlds of Faeirie and the Mortal world clash together in unimaginable ways. Gabriel Drake is on the loose with killer and wicked plans.....

Book 3: The Sorcerer King

While Tania and Edric were gone, Faerie was brought to utter devastation. Queen Titania was brought to a destroyed Faeire.The Sorcerer King of Lyonesse, ancient enemy of Faeire, has been released from his amber prison by a traiterous daughter of Titania and Oberon. King Oberon had been banished in a barren horribly feared prison. Edric and Tania, along with Princess Cordelia, rode a dangerous journey to rescue him while The Sorcerer King made devious plots.

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