The Magician Michael Scott

07 May 2009

The long awaited sequel to The Alchemist by Michael Scott.

Nicholas, Josh and Sophie Newman, and Scathach emerge in the mysterious city of Paris, the birthplace of Nicholas Flamel. Sophie, previously taught the Magic of Air, must now be taught to Magic of Fire. Nicholas Flamel and Pernelle Flamel are aging a year every day he lives without the potion of immortality from the Codex, which John Dee is in possesion of. Josh Newman, who have met John Dee in Ojio in The Alchemist, is suspcious of Flamel and Scatty. Dee and his persuasive ways turned Josh suspicios.

Nicholas Flamel finds a few of his contacts, the legendary Joan of Arc and his pervious student Comte de Saint-Germain, The master of Fire.

Included in this story is the Eiffel Tower (to the left)

and Alcatraz, the prison and island where Pernelle Flamel is trapped in. (to the left)

Plus, the Catacombes of Paris!!!! The exciting place where Josh, Dee and Machiavelli (Dee's assistant) , Joan, Germain,and Sophie travel to. To visit Mars Ultor, known as Ares by the Greeks, and Nergal by the Babylonians. An underground sewer system complete with street signs are visible to the public but most of it is hidden. During the 18th century, bodies and bones were dumped into the a limestone quarry. It was arisitcally and myseriously arranged.Below is a picture of the les carrieres de Paris ( official name of the catacombes)

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