Quiver- Stephanie Spinner

03 February 2009

The legendary Atalanta, famous for being a great hunter, and shunned by most men for being a 'want to be man'. Atalanta caused the destruction of Meleager and his royal family at the Calydonian Boar Hunt, in which she drew first blood of the reckless boar. In many stories, like Nobody's Princess - Esther Friesner, it was said that Atalanta almost killed the boar when Meleager jumped in and killed it. In Quiver, Atalanta only drew first blood and Meleager killed it. In both stories however, Meleager attempted to give his crush Atalanta the boar hide, and aroused an arguement amongst the princes and competers. At that moment, the royal Calydonia line ended with mad, mass murdering killing caused by Meleager and maybe Atalanta. This time, the story is from Atalanta's point of veiw, which could be interesting.

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