Fruits Basket the Ultimate Edition

28 February 2009

its a anime book, thats like the 1 selling shojo manga in America. Its just so hilarious!!!!! I love it, heres a preveiw

Hello, I'm Tohru Honda and I have come to know a terrible secret. After the death of my mother, I was living by myself in a tent when the Sohma family took me in.
I soon learned that the Sohma family lives witha curse! Each family member is possessed by the vengeful spirit of an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. Whenever one of them becomes weak or is hugged by a member of the opposite sex, the change into their Zodiac animal.

Kyo is the cat, having two forms, a kitty and...something else. Yuki is the rat, born enemy of Kyo (you can see how difficult it can be to live in the same house) and they both live in Shigure's house, where the sohma family lives. The rivalry between them is hilarious, Kyo (red haired guy on the bottom left) thrists for fighting, while Yuki (greyish haired guy on the top right) resolves to peace. Tohru, next to Yuki, is beleived to have ceases the fighting between those two.

Oh its so hilarious, Kyo Kun is just ssssssoo hilarious with his short temper, and Shiugre (the dog) and his nosy nose just makes me laugh. Haru (the ox) who has a Black side (like a cow does) is kind, but goes really angry when is Black side is turned on, and its hilarious when he goes evil.
ITS SO GOOOD , but its not in the library so that sucks, but still in bookstores!

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