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05 February 2009

Its not the sequel to Life as We Knew it, but it has the same plot. An asteriod crashes into the moon, and moon gets closer and the gravitational pull is stronger. It cause the tides to rise and flood all the coastlines, and volcanoes are erupting all over the world, even dormat ones, because the pull of gravity is way too strong. With all the smoke in the air, the skies go gray and the sun is hidden, without the sun plants don't grow and food is scarce, also the winters come soon, even in the middle of August.

With barely any cans of food, and a $30 flashlight, Alex Morales struggles to survive with his parents in Queens and Perto Rico and two sisters that he needs to care for. School is important to him as are his studies, but what will he do to keep him alive?

Its as amazing as the Life as We Knew It, but it doesn't bring tears to your eyes like the other one.

Praise for Life As We Knew It:
"You will read it one sitting, fighting back tears as you bite your nails"

I must say, it did bring tears to my eyes when I read Life As We Knew It. When you read it, it makes you feel grateful for the blue skies, bright sun, plentiful food and water, and a great warm home to live in.

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  1. So which one is better? This book, or life as we knew it? I was thinking of reading one of them.


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