Airman, by EOIN COLFER

21 February 2009

one of my most favorite Irish writer, and author, EOIN COLFER. Airman isn't a new book, its been out for a while, but at first I thought it was boring. But I'm wrong, ITS AMAZING

Little baby Conor Broekhart was born in a balloon, in the sky at a Paris fair. At such high altitude, Conor woke, with bright eyes and pale blonde hair. Conor was born to fly, or was born flying. He's incredibly intelligent and strong, a great boy. Now, when Conor falls in love with Princess Isabella, everything goes wrong. Victor Vigny, Conor's tutor and friend, is brutally killed and he was framed. Conor must now forget his high society life and must be a diamond miner in the Saltee islands, trapped, dreaming to fly away

2 thoughts:

  1. You should read my latest post: I think you'll find it interesting. Also, what other books has Colfer done? The name is familiar.

  2. He's done Artemis Fowl, Half Moon Investigations, and this one, Airman


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