Fruits Basket the Ultimate Edition

28 February 2009

its a anime book, thats like the 1 selling shojo manga in America. Its just so hilarious!!!!! I love it, heres a preveiw

Hello, I'm Tohru Honda and I have come to know a terrible secret. After the death of my mother, I was living by myself in a tent when the Sohma family took me in.
I soon learned that the Sohma family lives witha curse! Each family member is possessed by the vengeful spirit of an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. Whenever one of them becomes weak or is hugged by a member of the opposite sex, the change into their Zodiac animal.

Kyo is the cat, having two forms, a kitty and...something else. Yuki is the rat, born enemy of Kyo (you can see how difficult it can be to live in the same house) and they both live in Shigure's house, where the sohma family lives. The rivalry between them is hilarious, Kyo (red haired guy on the bottom left) thrists for fighting, while Yuki (greyish haired guy on the top right) resolves to peace. Tohru, next to Yuki, is beleived to have ceases the fighting between those two.

Oh its so hilarious, Kyo Kun is just ssssssoo hilarious with his short temper, and Shiugre (the dog) and his nosy nose just makes me laugh. Haru (the ox) who has a Black side (like a cow does) is kind, but goes really angry when is Black side is turned on, and its hilarious when he goes evil.
ITS SO GOOOD , but its not in the library so that sucks, but still in bookstores!

Airman, by EOIN COLFER

21 February 2009

one of my most favorite Irish writer, and author, EOIN COLFER. Airman isn't a new book, its been out for a while, but at first I thought it was boring. But I'm wrong, ITS AMAZING

Little baby Conor Broekhart was born in a balloon, in the sky at a Paris fair. At such high altitude, Conor woke, with bright eyes and pale blonde hair. Conor was born to fly, or was born flying. He's incredibly intelligent and strong, a great boy. Now, when Conor falls in love with Princess Isabella, everything goes wrong. Victor Vigny, Conor's tutor and friend, is brutally killed and he was framed. Conor must now forget his high society life and must be a diamond miner in the Saltee islands, trapped, dreaming to fly away

Kate Constable

14 February 2009

One of the most effective books I've ever read, that really touched me, was the Singer of All Songs series. I read it last summer ( I found the summer log I kept! There'll be a lot more book posts) and it was just amazing. A list of characters might help you, cause I don't know how to summarize it. By the way, its from Wikipedia (Singer of all songs link)

Calwyn is a 16 year-old priestess of Antaris who can sing ice chantments. Tends to the bee hives and is skilled with medicines and herbs; apparently very skilled in singing chantments, for she is capable of calling ice, working wind, and placating animals with her songs. She yearns to travel beyond the ice wall of Antaris and does so when Darrow comes and takes her on a journey. Calwyn is adventurous, restless, and faithful to a fault; at times she may not see others' points of view and insists that she is right. Calwyn strives to prove her worth, and is upset when unable to do so. Calwyn takes after her mother, who too longed for whatever lay beyond the Wall. Is described as being tall and skinny with big black eyes and long black hair in one or two plaits down her back.

is seen in pic to the left with Darrow

Darrow is a traveler who is trying to escape Samis (see next character), who is trying to kill him. Calwyn saves Darrow when he injures himself as he flies, by means of his own magic, over the Wall but fell to the ground from the top. When Calwyn helps him escape Antaris, she goes with him to stop Samis. An ironcrafter of Merithuros who was once friends with Samis but now aims to stop him. Calwyn calls him an old man whose life is almost over; he is mentally tired but enjoys traveling. He has traveled very far and Calwyn often asks him to tell her stories of his travels. Described as lean, light, hay compared, haired, hawk-eyed, having a crescent shaped scar over his right eye, and nearing his 30's. Has a limp from his fall over the Wall, but is later healed by Halasaa.

Samis an evil and greedy sorcerer who is trying to become The Singer of All Songs. In this position, he would be capable of manipulating wind, metal, wood, and ice, and communicating with animals not of his own race; as well as able to psychokinetically heal wounds, generate illusions, and produce fire. Was a minor prince of the Merithuran Empire who sought to be emperor, but was unable to earn him the title. Rejected, Samis instead sought to be ruler of all Tremaris. Wears a square iron ring jeweled with a ruby. Described as tall with a head too big for his frame; an ugly face looking like it was carved from stone; a beaked nose; a long mouth; and a mane of gray hair from a high brow.

Mica a 14-15 year old windworker (a magician capable of controlling movement of wind). Works for pirates, but escapes with Calwyn on the boat Fledgewing. Her village was burned down by slavers, whereupon Mica was captured and sold to a pirate crew. Mica gives the impression of bravado so as to avoid seeming weak. Described as being skinny with tawny skin, pale hair, and golden eyes. Wears a faded jacket that once belonged to Mica's beloved grandmother.

Tonno the brother of Xanni. Darrow's friend. Unable to sing chantments himself. Prizes himself as the ship's cook. Described as tall and burly with bushy eyebrows, curly hair, dark eyes, and a sullen, serious look.

Xanni is the owner of Fledgewing and Tonno's younger brother, about one to two years younger than Darrow. A good natured, adventurous young man. He is mortally wounded in Mithates by Samis and later dies at sea. Described as short with curly hair, dark, bright eyes, and wrinkles formed from laughing on his face.

Trout a young inventor from Mithates who possesses, without knowledge of its use, the Clarion of the Flame. He joins Calwyn and her friends in Mithates. Trout wears glasses. He was involved in an explosion due to an invention of his that ruined his hearing; Trout is now unable to hear high-pitched sounds, and thus is unaffected by the chantments of illusion, which are highly pitched. Described as being freckled with vague, blue eyes, has numerous burn scars and scratches. Trout is initially skeptical of chantments, but is ultimately convinced of their reality.

Halasaa one of the telepathic, voiceless Tree People, and the last user of the power of Becoming, which is a healing power activated by certain gestures. Calwyn meets him in the Wildlands, after an encounter with the dragonlike arakin. Halasaa is rejected by his people for his gift, as well as for his acceptance of voiced people, but is still kind and hopeful. Because Calwyn is a magic-user, like himself, he calls her "sister".

Marna is the High Priestess of Antaris. Described as old with silver hair piled on her head and carrying a staff of her office. She is a tired and wise woman.

Tamen is the Guardian of the Wall. Stern and awe inspiring, Tamen seems to purposefully ridicule Calwyn. Marna says this is only because Calwyn may one day be High Priestess, meaning that Tamen and Calwyn would have to work together. Described as tall with a long black and silver braid down her back.

Calida was Calwyn's mother. Restless like her daughter, she too sought to leave Antaris and explore the Outlands. Mysteriously, she vanished one day, only a little older than Calwyn. Many years later, Calida appeared during winter with baby Calwyn in her arms and died that night.

Ursca is the dumpy infirmarian of the priestess's dwellings. She tends to panic at every mistake, but when left to take care of a patient she is calm and in control. Ursca taught Calwyn everything she knows of herbs and medicines, but nearly drove Calwyn to madness with her fidgety ways and her tendency to, having acquired an opinion, hold onto it despite all evidence to the contrary.

Gilly is a novice ice priestess who is a friend to Calwyn. At the beginning of the book she begins her first Day of Strengthening. She is described as frivolous and prone to premature flirting with boys.

Tuw a gardener of the priestess's dwellings. He was born with a crooked foot and the other leg a hand span shorter than the other. Tuw has therefore fashioned a shoe with an exceptionally thick sole and many walking sticks, one which ends up in Darrow's possession.

(you can see darrow in the book cover to the left, notice how he's in all the book covers. Try to find him in the Book 2 book cover

True Confessions of a HollyWood Starlet

Usually, I like fantasy and myth's, but sometimes I like some modern

When Morgan Carter, an Oscar Nominee Hollywood Starlet goes into rehab, its almost like a living hell for her. She gains pounds, eats a lot, and can't beleive she's on a $500 budget to buy a whole new wardrobe. She tries to fit in and makes friends with Emily and Eli Whitmarsh, the twins. Eli has a crush on her and Emily becomes her best friend. Under the name of "Claudia Miller", Morgan grows a strange liking to the tiny town of Fort Wayner. Will she ever go back to the drinking, popular movie star actress she was?

theres also a sequel to it that I wanna readm
More Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet.It might be on another post

the dead & the gone- Susan Beth Pfeffer

05 February 2009

Its not the sequel to Life as We Knew it, but it has the same plot. An asteriod crashes into the moon, and moon gets closer and the gravitational pull is stronger. It cause the tides to rise and flood all the coastlines, and volcanoes are erupting all over the world, even dormat ones, because the pull of gravity is way too strong. With all the smoke in the air, the skies go gray and the sun is hidden, without the sun plants don't grow and food is scarce, also the winters come soon, even in the middle of August.

With barely any cans of food, and a $30 flashlight, Alex Morales struggles to survive with his parents in Queens and Perto Rico and two sisters that he needs to care for. School is important to him as are his studies, but what will he do to keep him alive?

Its as amazing as the Life as We Knew It, but it doesn't bring tears to your eyes like the other one.

Praise for Life As We Knew It:
"You will read it one sitting, fighting back tears as you bite your nails"

I must say, it did bring tears to my eyes when I read Life As We Knew It. When you read it, it makes you feel grateful for the blue skies, bright sun, plentiful food and water, and a great warm home to live in.

The Alchemyst- Michael Scott

03 February 2009

He holds the secret that can end the world. The truth: Nicholas Flamel was born in Paris on September 28, 1330. Nearly 700 years later, he is acknowledged as the greatest Alchemyst of his day. It is said that he discovered the secret of eternal life. The records show that he died in 1418. But his tomb is empty. The legend: Nicholas Flamel lives. But only because he has been making the elixir of life for centuries. The secret of eternal life is hidden within the book he protects; the Book of Abraham the Mage. It's the most powerful book that has ever existed. In the wrong hands, it will destroy the world. That's exactly what Dr. John Dee plans to do when he steals it. Humankind won't know what's happening until it's too late. And if the prophecy is right, Sophie and Josh Newman are the only ones with the power to save the world as we know it. Sometimes legends are true. And Sophie and Josh Newman are about to find themselves in the middle of the greatest legend of all time.

My thoughts:

The Alchemyst, or the legendary and immortal Nicholas Flamel, has lived for centuries. Born in the 1300's in Paris, Flamel studying the Codex by Abraham the Mage, and ancient Mage that lived far before humani roamed the earth, before the age of the dinosaurs, in the time of the Gods. John Dee, and ambitious ex-apprentince of Nicholas's, has been trying for decades to get the Codex from Flamel and finally succeeds. Josh and Sophie Newman, extraordinary super powerful twins, who don't know their powers yet, accidentally experience the fight between Flamel and Dee and are then bound to the world of the Alchemyst. Josh and Sophie who have PURE silver and gold aura's, are greatly needed to save the age of the humani from the destruction and wrath of the Elder Race. Will they succeed or will the Elder Race destroy everything that man has ever known and rule the world with the humani as slaves and food.

The story will continue in the sequel, The Magician. That will be, of course, in another post 'cause I haven't read it yet and need to get it at Barnes and Noble or Borders.

I am Rembrandt's daughter- Lynn Cullen

Title: I am Rembrandt's Daughter
Author: Lynn Cullen
Stars: 4

With her mother dead of the plague, and her beloved brother newly married and moved away, Cornelia van Rijn finds herself without a friend or confidante—save her difficult father. Out of favor with Amsterdam’s elite, and considered brash and unreasonable by his patrons, Rembrandt van Rijn, once revered, is now teetering on the brink of madness. Cornelia alone must care for him, though she herself is haunted by secrets and scandal. Her only happiness comes in chance meetings with Carel, the son of a wealthy shipping magnate whose passion for art stirs Cornelia. And then there is Neel, her father’s last remaining pupil, whose steadfast devotion to Rembrandt both baffles and touches her. Based on historical fact, and filled with family dramas and a love triangle that would make Jane Austen proud, I Am Rembrandt’s Daughter is a powerful account of a young woman’s struggle to come of age within the shadow of one of the world’s most brilliant and complicated artists.

I especially like these books that tell about women 'back then' and have a cover with the main character in flesh (the model). Rembrandt, like most painters, was bankrupt. But he had once been famous, and a great artist until he went crazy. Cornelia, daughter of Rembrandt, always felt shunned away from Rembrandt and thought her father favored her brother over her. Cornelia craves her father's affection, but he is too busy with his painting or is he? What is the reason why Cornelia is shunned? As many books of these type, Cornelia is caught in romance between a rich boy and her father's apprentice. Bright and happy, or mysterious and glum? I award it the Kikiberry award.

Quiver- Stephanie Spinner

The legendary Atalanta, famous for being a great hunter, and shunned by most men for being a 'want to be man'. Atalanta caused the destruction of Meleager and his royal family at the Calydonian Boar Hunt, in which she drew first blood of the reckless boar. In many stories, like Nobody's Princess - Esther Friesner, it was said that Atalanta almost killed the boar when Meleager jumped in and killed it. In Quiver, Atalanta only drew first blood and Meleager killed it. In both stories however, Meleager attempted to give his crush Atalanta the boar hide, and aroused an arguement amongst the princes and competers. At that moment, the royal Calydonia line ended with mad, mass murdering killing caused by Meleager and maybe Atalanta. This time, the story is from Atalanta's point of veiw, which could be interesting.

Tuck Everlasting- Natalie Babbit mini-review

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit
When you have water that could give you everlasting life (immortality) how would you felt if you drank it. In my opinion, I think its Ponce De Leon's fountain of youth. When Winnie meets Jessie Tuck and 'fall in love' with him even when he's ANCIENT but was only 17 when he drank the water. Winnie learns the Tuck family's secret she is bound to keep it a secret. The man in the yellow suit eavesdrops and tries to buy the Tuck land to get the water and sell it, but Mae Tuck kills him before he can. Now, sentenced to death, in which Mae Tuck will survive (immortal), Winnie must save her so that the world won't learn the Tuck family secret.

My thoughts:
What will happen? Will Wennie drink the immortality water and live forever and get married to Jessie like she wants to, or will she die and refuse to drink the water..
Its amazing, almost the best book I've ever read, but the movie is mostly a romance whereas the book is more of an adventure. It was really simple and short, and missed out on a lot of extra stuff that the movie added onto. There wasn't much to it, not really beefy and chunky, more like simple and sweet. I'd recommend you check this out at the library.

Atalanta and the Accadian Beat and Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons

JAne Yolen and Robert Harris wrote many great retellings of greek mythology, and the famous main characters are at a young age, and not the famous men and women. Atalanta, when was her first adventure? How did it go, did she have a bear mother?
The Hippolyta story is my favorate. Hippolyta, daughter of the Amazon Queen must journey into a dangerous quest while her mother is going to get executed, and must take her illegal little brother to his Father, the evil King. Will she meet her other... b-b-brother? Hippolyta never really cared who her father was, but does she want to know who her famous father is?

heartbeat - Sharon Creech

In a short poem formatted story, with no really good plot, Sharon Creech has created a book okay. Annie loves to run barefoot with her best friend Max and likes to run just for fun and not for a sport. She has an assignment to draw the same apple 100 times, 1 for each day. Max joins the track team, and Annie does not. She's pressured to, but she won't and get mom gets pregnant with her future sibling. how will the story end?

The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood- Barb Bentler Ullman

This is a great Kikiberry book because I just love the simple story and plot. When Willa's parents get divorced, Willa is forced to move with her Mom to a town called Plunkit. She catches glimpses of fairies in the woods, tiny fairies the size of a finger. Through her neighbor, Hazel Wicket, Willa learns about a whole new tiny miniature world of fairies, near a very famous tree stump. It has 243 pages, but the book is small and so are the pages so its a tiny short book.

The Garden of Eve- K.L Going

This is a great book, and quite short with a total of 232 pages. Have you ever wanted to go to the Garden of Eve, where Adam and Eve had once been eons ago? Well, there are 2 of the 3 seeds still out there, and that means 2 visits to the Garden of Eve. Eve, who has to move with her Dad to a so called 'haunted house' came across an owner of a store, who gave her the seed because, "It was supposed to go to my sister, who's name was Eve too".

Its an 'okay' book, but didn't win the Kikiberry award.

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