02 January 2009

I'm starting to read J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of The Ring. Being 12, I find it hard to read the confusing words, and most of it is Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, and "Strider" (Aragorn) riding on their ponies. I like to skip those parts, but then Id skip almost half the book. The movie helps me understand most of it, though usually its the opposite where the book helps you understand the movie. Viggo, the actor who plays Aragorn, and Frodo are my favorate characters on the "behind the scenes" interveiws.
The movie is very funny, and Sam always helps lighten things up when their on their own with Smaegle. Frodo's just weird in the movie, and Smaegle is so hard to understand with his screechy scraggly voice. Sam is alright. Legolas and Gimli and hilarious. Their always trying to have these competitions to see who can kill the most Orik's and Urik-hi. I think in one of the battles, Legolas completly killed a giant elephant (forgot what their called) and Gimli said, "That still only counts as one!". They crack me up. I'll post later on this, and give me some comments on the topic, I'll be glad to see it

2 thoughts:

  1. Such a great book. WAY better than the movie, but they still did an excellent job. Especially in creating the orcs and weapons. I am just disappointed that Tom was taken out of the movie. Curses!

  2. oh yea. I thought he was one of the main characters, and that he should be included. The Orcs were hilarious, one of them was a girl, and one was named Phil. The weapons looked kind of thin, tin-like, and fake, but it turned out to be real.


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