Life as we knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer

13 January 2009

Life as we knew it- Susan Beth Pfeffer
5 stars

I change my mind, this is the best book of O9. It wins the kikibery award for best book.

When a powerful meteor crashes into the moon and knocks the moon out of orbit closer to earth, life has completely changed for the world. High tides that flood the coasts (Miami disappears) and volcanoes (even dormant ones) start erupting, which turns the sky grey. The world goes into hunger, no electricity, oil, or gas. No stores open and no police, no nobody. The government has fled, and everyone is on their own. This personally, to me, is really really really scary. You can actually feel what its like when Miranda, the girl who wrote this 'diary'.

There is a sequel. The dead and the gone . If you look on the pic to the left, the moon is so close to earth. Its the best science fiction book next to Artemis Fowl. (Artemis Fowl rocks, see my previous posts)

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  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on the blog. Hope you enjoy the advertised book.


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