The Fellowship of the Ring, being the first part of the Lord of the Rings

08 January 2009

Ok, I'm going to try to finish the book and not quit. I'm on "Book 2" in the Fellowship of the Ring, I haven't started though. I have a question for you all, who is Peregrin Toot? I thought there were only Merry Pippin Frodo and Sam. Now, I'm in the part of the book where Elrond, the Elf King of Rivendale, calls for a council. And then they all decide about what should become of the ring, wether it should be destroyed in the flames of Mount Doom or carried to the Sea to be hidden. The council decides on leaving to destroy the ring, and then the Felllowship is created inculding:
  • Aragorn
  • Legolas
  • Gimli
  • Frodo
  • Gandlaf
  • Merry
  • Pippin
  • Sam

(I don't think thats them all, I feel like I'm missing some) Now the Fellowship hikes to the Misty Mountains and there decide to take the road to Moria. Apparently its snowing like crazy and they can't stand it. And if you watched carefully in the movie, Legolas did not wear heavy boots but the opposite, and seemed to be walking on top of the snow. Try to find that out.

4 thoughts:

  1. Pippin is Peregrin's nickname. Also, I replied to some of your EARLY comments on my blog. Sorry it took this long. Also, if you could comment and participate in some of the new updates, that would greatly help me. Thanks for all the support!

  2. oh. Really? I always thought that Pergrin Toot was someone else. Pippin and Peregrin do sound alike.

  3. wow
    u got a commenter
    its not me.
    or precilia

  4. do you really find that surprising? Precilia like, doesn't check my blog anymore. sigh.


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