Julie of the Wolves- Jean George

22 January 2009

Julie, or Mayak, is an Eskimo in the frozen tundra of Alaska. She gets married at the young age of 13 to a messed up boy, Daniel. After trying to attack her, Julie runs away and lives with a pack of wolves, and gets an adopted wolf father Amaraq. Kapu, the future leader of the pack, grows to like Mayak and helps her survive in her time of need. Later in the story, everything gets even complicated.

A soon to be book

15 January 2009

Okay, you might have seen this blog on my site before, but I don't care. The Tarterrier Series is going to be published eventually, but for NOW the chapters are posted on the soon-to-be- author's blog

Its a great fantasy book, but instead of having human heroes, their dragons. Typical fantasy stories with enemies and battles. I like it so far, its really detailed and I'm not surprised if it ever does get published.

Life as we knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer

13 January 2009

Life as we knew it- Susan Beth Pfeffer
5 stars

I change my mind, this is the best book of O9. It wins the kikibery award for best book.

When a powerful meteor crashes into the moon and knocks the moon out of orbit closer to earth, life has completely changed for the world. High tides that flood the coasts (Miami disappears) and volcanoes (even dormant ones) start erupting, which turns the sky grey. The world goes into hunger, no electricity, oil, or gas. No stores open and no police, no nobody. The government has fled, and everyone is on their own. This personally, to me, is really really really scary. You can actually feel what its like when Miranda, the girl who wrote this 'diary'.

There is a sequel. The dead and the gone . If you look on the pic to the left, the moon is so close to earth. Its the best science fiction book next to Artemis Fowl. (Artemis Fowl rocks, see my previous posts)

The Fellowship of the Ring, being the first part of the Lord of the Rings

08 January 2009

Ok, I'm going to try to finish the book and not quit. I'm on "Book 2" in the Fellowship of the Ring, I haven't started though. I have a question for you all, who is Peregrin Toot? I thought there were only Merry Pippin Frodo and Sam. Now, I'm in the part of the book where Elrond, the Elf King of Rivendale, calls for a council. And then they all decide about what should become of the ring, wether it should be destroyed in the flames of Mount Doom or carried to the Sea to be hidden. The council decides on leaving to destroy the ring, and then the Felllowship is created inculding:
  • Aragorn
  • Legolas
  • Gimli
  • Frodo
  • Gandlaf
  • Merry
  • Pippin
  • Sam

(I don't think thats them all, I feel like I'm missing some) Now the Fellowship hikes to the Misty Mountains and there decide to take the road to Moria. Apparently its snowing like crazy and they can't stand it. And if you watched carefully in the movie, Legolas did not wear heavy boots but the opposite, and seemed to be walking on top of the snow. Try to find that out.


03 January 2009

I'd Tell You I Love you, But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter is not a romance, it does have a bit, but its mostly about spies. Its a great book, its funny, and has a great amount of disobedience, risk, and fun.


02 January 2009

I'm starting to read J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of The Ring. Being 12, I find it hard to read the confusing words, and most of it is Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, and "Strider" (Aragorn) riding on their ponies. I like to skip those parts, but then Id skip almost half the book. The movie helps me understand most of it, though usually its the opposite where the book helps you understand the movie. Viggo, the actor who plays Aragorn, and Frodo are my favorate characters on the "behind the scenes" interveiws.
The movie is very funny, and Sam always helps lighten things up when their on their own with Smaegle. Frodo's just weird in the movie, and Smaegle is so hard to understand with his screechy scraggly voice. Sam is alright. Legolas and Gimli and hilarious. Their always trying to have these competitions to see who can kill the most Orik's and Urik-hi. I think in one of the battles, Legolas completly killed a giant elephant (forgot what their called) and Gimli said, "That still only counts as one!". They crack me up. I'll post later on this, and give me some comments on the topic, I'll be glad to see it


01 January 2009

Become more interested in understanding others that being understood - Barbara Ann Kipfer

I wish you all a happy new year, have good luck even though you don't believe in it.
To be happy, decide to stop being unhappy- Barbara Ann Kipfer.

My New Years resolutions:

I will.....................

  • Be a better person
  • Be as nice as possible to others
  • understand and put myself in other peoples shoes
  • be thankful for all that I have, and not envy others
  • live a creative life
  • not regret decisions that I made before, because it has already been done, and I can't go back to change it
  • work hard and strive for success
  • earn my money fairly
  • do extra chores for the proud feeling, (no pay)
Thanks to Barbara Ann Kipfer and her book (my Book of 2009) Instant Karma. Theres a lot of good statements in there to become a better person, and have good fortune. Some of the bullets are from her book. Its a must have book.

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