My Fav. Blog List

21 December 2008

I'm currently re-reading some of my most favorite books (Harry Potter) and I dont' have any books to post, SO I'm going to make a my favorite blog list.

1. Its my picture blog. Its awesome

2. My book blog


4. My friend Chris's blog here's his e-mail

5. My friends brother's site, Nick

6. Adam Gonzales site, he's a really good writer

2 thoughts:

  1. I'm just curious, beacuase I want to promote my blog as much as possible, on how you found out about my blog. I was just wondering how you came upon it so that I could better advertise my blog by the same means. Thanks!

  2. In response to your recent post, sadly it doesn't matter how old an agent is: they're STILL hard to get. They have to like the book, and they have to think others will like the book. That is way I created my blog--in hope that people will voice out good opinion for it. So spread the word! Thanks!


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