Margaret Perterson Haddix- Found

05 December 2008

It doesn't matter if your a boy or a girl, Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix is for everyone. One day, Angela DePre is on her first day as an airport attendant. When she see's that there isn't a plane at the gate, Monique (her boss) tries to find out what happens. Angela waits at the gate for the passengers to come off when the plane finally arrives, but nobody comes out. So Angela checks inside the plane, only to find 36 seats filled with babies. Was the plane a part of a major baby-smuggling ring, as the FBI says, or is it something even bigger that nobody would ever guess in this century. FOUND isn't one of those freaky freak stories, more like a super-modern story. Technology, babies, children, and JB......
Margaret has also written the Shadow Children series, with 7 books in all. Among the Hidden is the first one, and it also has to do with a child that isn't supposed to be there. the government says that each family should only have one child so that there wouldn't be a food shortage. But one family has an illegal child, one more than the should have......Will the government get involved, or will the child live?

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