Book of 2009...and New Year Resolutions

31 December 2008

Instant Karma - 8879 Ways to Give Yourself and Others Good Fortune Right Now That books is amazing. It will make you a better person just my reading it. Some of the parts are meant for adults, but most of it can work for both children and adults. IF you follow what Barbara Ann Kipfer says in her book, you truly will get good fortune. ... For your New Year Resolution list, try to add these, and TRY to follow it.

I will..........
  • try to buy more eco-friendly products rather then the regular ones
  • plant one tree to make a difference
  • recycle as much as possible
  • carpool with my kids and friends
  • try not to waste a lot of gas when I drive
  • use my laundry machines in the coldest part of day to save energy
  • TRY to use instead of Google to save energyyy
I will be a better person to the environment, and the Earth.

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  1. I need to get copy of the book soon as it looks good and worth reading. Thank you for sharing the information and hope it will be good read..


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