Donna Jo Napoli special

15 November 2008

Hush, by Donna Jo Napoli, is a sad tale about an Irish princess and her sister are forced to hide as her country goes to war. Melkorka, extremley beautiful, is in the most danger. She and her sister Brigit, are caught in a slave ship. Brigit gets seperated and Melkorka is sold. Her new owner takes a liking to her, and travels with her to Iceland. Its sad to me, beause she doesn't go home, back to her mother, her father, and her lost sister. Its not suggested, but its a powerful story. Very moving.

Sirena is mostly a romance story dealing with immortality. During the Trojan War while Hera is busy, Sirena, a mortal mermaid, tries to become immortal. The only way for her to become immortal is to win the love of a mortal man.
Though I personally don't like romance, but if its an ancient Greek one, then this book is an exception.

The Great God Pan is another Greek story about Pan, and Iphigenia, the daughter of King Agamemnon. Its not particularly a romance, but a story of a god that humans segregated.

Beast is another mixed up version of a fairy tale. When the prince of Persia, Orasmyn, sacrifices an improper camel a fairy punishes him by transforming him into a lion. As a human, Orasmyn heard much of French roses and so he traveled to France. There a man is smelling the roses, and Lion Orasmyn tells him to bring the youngest daughter (Belle) who asked for a rose.

Zel is a great mixed up story of the old fairy tale Rapunzel. Zel grew up with her caring loving mother, who is a witch at plants, and is kept away from any other outsiders. But one day in the market that Zel rarely comes too, she meets a mysterious man, Konrad, and cannot stop thinking about him. The same is for Konrad. Mother, Zel's mom, keeps Zel is a long tower with everything Zel likes. After searching for Zel for a long time, Konrad finds her high is a stone tower. Wil Konrad rescue Zel, or will Mother have her way?

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