Dessen, Black, and Murdock

03 November 2008

Lock and Key, by Sarah Dessen (I have a habit of remembering author's names) is a story about a teen who smokes and handles her mom's job for her so there would be enough money to live in a house. Ruby's mother then mysteriously run's away, and Ruby is sent to live with her older sister and husband Cora and Jamie.

Tithe, by Holly Black is another story about a girl who smokes (the 'smoking girl' prompt gets old after a while) and this time, the main character Kaye is a pixie. Kaye then goes into an exciting adventure with a knight, her fairy friends, and herself.

The best book of all is Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock (I think). Its a creative story about a princess who discovers a book about the element fire, and she learns how to control it with magic, and while learning magic, she is trapped in a cell by Queen Sophie as a punishment for 'eating too much'. Ben however, does NOT eat too much, but Queen Sophie thinks so. Ben's parents died, and the new ruler is Sophie. Anyway, Sophie blames Drachenbatt, a neighboring kingdom, for the death of Ben's parents, and Drachenbatt blames it on a dragon. The current Drachenbatt rulers, a King and his son, Prince Florian are invited to Ben's kingdom. A weird connection is made between Florian and Ben,'ll see what rivalry is made. (By the way, the girl on the cover of the book is NOT Princess Benovelence)

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