Jenny Nimmo

29 November 2008

The Charlie Bone series may not be original (my brother thinks its a complete copy of Harry Potter), but it is exciting. The series has come out with a new book, Charlie Bone and the Shadow, where the suspense rises. Dagbert the Drowner drowns Tancred, and Tancred is dead. A mysterious painting swallows a dog (Runner Bean) a boy (Billy) and Charlie. More of the Red King's past is revealed.

Jenny Nimmo also wrote the Magician Trilogy. This trilogy, in my opinion, is better then the Charlie Bone series, even though they are both really good. Check out the trilogy! United Kingdom also sells Charlie Bone books, except they have different titles, and the covers are awful!

Gold and chickens

23 November 2008

Spinners by Donna Jo Napoli is another beautifully crafted and unusual, retelling of the childrens story Rumplestiltskin. Though Napoli twists it up in an exciting way, like she always does. Its awesome! Unless you don't like old fashioned fairy tales....

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen is one of those books that show two points of veiw from two main characters. Its a story of Bryce and Juli. Juli was the annoying little girl who butted herself into Bryce's life, and Bryce was that new boy that was Juli's age. Can these two kids, who grew up together, ever get along? Wendelin is also the author of the Shredderman series, and many other books. But Flipped is a classic, and in my opinion, way much better.

Donna Jo Napoli special

15 November 2008

Hush, by Donna Jo Napoli, is a sad tale about an Irish princess and her sister are forced to hide as her country goes to war. Melkorka, extremley beautiful, is in the most danger. She and her sister Brigit, are caught in a slave ship. Brigit gets seperated and Melkorka is sold. Her new owner takes a liking to her, and travels with her to Iceland. Its sad to me, beause she doesn't go home, back to her mother, her father, and her lost sister. Its not suggested, but its a powerful story. Very moving.

Sirena is mostly a romance story dealing with immortality. During the Trojan War while Hera is busy, Sirena, a mortal mermaid, tries to become immortal. The only way for her to become immortal is to win the love of a mortal man.
Though I personally don't like romance, but if its an ancient Greek one, then this book is an exception.

The Great God Pan is another Greek story about Pan, and Iphigenia, the daughter of King Agamemnon. Its not particularly a romance, but a story of a god that humans segregated.

Beast is another mixed up version of a fairy tale. When the prince of Persia, Orasmyn, sacrifices an improper camel a fairy punishes him by transforming him into a lion. As a human, Orasmyn heard much of French roses and so he traveled to France. There a man is smelling the roses, and Lion Orasmyn tells him to bring the youngest daughter (Belle) who asked for a rose.

Zel is a great mixed up story of the old fairy tale Rapunzel. Zel grew up with her caring loving mother, who is a witch at plants, and is kept away from any other outsiders. But one day in the market that Zel rarely comes too, she meets a mysterious man, Konrad, and cannot stop thinking about him. The same is for Konrad. Mother, Zel's mom, keeps Zel is a long tower with everything Zel likes. After searching for Zel for a long time, Konrad finds her high is a stone tower. Wil Konrad rescue Zel, or will Mother have her way?

Enya and Achilles

08 November 2008

The legendary Greek hero, Achilles, has many re-tellings of his tale. One of the many stories about him is Achilles by Elizabeth Cook. Almost like a biography, with brief segments of his life is told in only 3 chapters and more then 100 pages. I give it 4 and a half stars. Also, a movie was made to tell the story of the Trojan War (you can see Brad Pitt as Achilles above) is called Troy. Mostly because the battle was in Troy...


Enya is not a book, but a really magnificent singer. She sings like a real angel, and has always been my favorate singer. A song that used to be my favorate as a child was Only Time by Enya. And below (1) is a really amazing song called Anywhere Is : (2) is another song called Only If.

Enya composes, sings, and plays the instruments on all her songs with the help on Nicky Ryan. Her family was very musicial, and Enya is a well known soloist singer in her home country of Ireland. Her music is known as "dream music" and "the music of your soul". Its AWESOME!


If you like the songs, post a comment on this message. Thanks

Dessen, Black, and Murdock

03 November 2008

Lock and Key, by Sarah Dessen (I have a habit of remembering author's names) is a story about a teen who smokes and handles her mom's job for her so there would be enough money to live in a house. Ruby's mother then mysteriously run's away, and Ruby is sent to live with her older sister and husband Cora and Jamie.

Tithe, by Holly Black is another story about a girl who smokes (the 'smoking girl' prompt gets old after a while) and this time, the main character Kaye is a pixie. Kaye then goes into an exciting adventure with a knight, her fairy friends, and herself.

The best book of all is Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock (I think). Its a creative story about a princess who discovers a book about the element fire, and she learns how to control it with magic, and while learning magic, she is trapped in a cell by Queen Sophie as a punishment for 'eating too much'. Ben however, does NOT eat too much, but Queen Sophie thinks so. Ben's parents died, and the new ruler is Sophie. Anyway, Sophie blames Drachenbatt, a neighboring kingdom, for the death of Ben's parents, and Drachenbatt blames it on a dragon. The current Drachenbatt rulers, a King and his son, Prince Florian are invited to Ben's kingdom. A weird connection is made between Florian and Ben,'ll see what rivalry is made. (By the way, the girl on the cover of the book is NOT Princess Benovelence)

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