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16 October 2008

Greek Mythology is a magnetic topic that many readers LOVE to read. Enthralling as it is, some authors write mythology in the most boring-est way EVER. Below are some books that display Greek Mythology in the most thrilling way

Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize by Esther Friesner
Mythology- Edith Hamilton

Mythology by Edith Hamilton gives more like short stories on famous tales. Hope you'll love it! The Esther Friesner books (Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize) show Helen of Sparta before the Trojan War. And it just so happens that Helen did not start the Trojan War as many people claim, is was actually Eris God of Discord. Eris was angry for not being invited to a wedding and set a golden apple with the words "To The Fairest" engraved in it

. Immediatly, Athene Hera, and Aphrodite claimed the apple was theirs. Unable to choose, they relied of Paris, the young and handsome prince of Troy, to choose. Each goddess bribed Paris, but Aphrodite's bribe was the one that Paris accepted.
"I will give you the most beautiful mortal, Helen of Sparta", she had whispered.

Helen is shown as a heroine, a strong woman, instead of a beautiful woman stolen from her home.

2 thoughts:

  1. I love Aphrodite and Athena. I can never pronounce the Gods' names xD

  2. oh ha.

    Aph-ro-dite (rhythms with bite)eee
    uh-thane (Athene)


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