Cornelia Funke

18 October 2008

German Author, Cornelia Funke
She's a loved children's author, and also the author of the famous Inkheart series. Note that the 3rd book to the Inkheart series has been released, Inkdeath. She wrote,

When Santa Fell to Earth
Dragon Rider
Ghosthunters series
Igraine the Brave
The Theif Lord
Most of her books are for children, but The Theif Lord is for everyone all ages. The setting is in Venice Italy, where two runaway orphans try to find a home. They meet a gang, whose leader is THE THEIF LORD and provides money for all the other children in the gang. The Inkheart series is for young adults too, a thrilling series about story characters that get 'read' out of their book by Meggie's dad. You'll have to read it to understand it. Its a fantastic fantasy. The other books are more for 8-10 year old books.

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